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Babione, John C. Mission Accomplished? Fifty-four Years of Suffering for the People of the Marshall Islands and the Latest Round of Endless Reconciliation 11:115
Baker, Brook K. Arthritic Flexibilities for Accessing Medicines: Analysis of WTO Action Regarding Paragraph 6 of te Doha Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health 14:613
Baker, Mark B. "Awakening the Sleeping Giant:" Indiana and Foreign Direct Investment in the 21st Century 15:389
Bakircioglu, Onder The Right to Self-Defense in National and International Law: The Role of the Imminence Requirement 19:1
Barbanti, Valentina The Reform of Corporate Governance in the United States and the New Challenge of the European Union: The Italian Case 14:227
Barbato, Joseph M. Scotland's Bastard Verdict: Intermediacy and the Unique Three-Verdict System 15:543
Baron, Michael S. Understanding National Treatment: The Participatory Vision of the WTO 14:505
Bartman, Angela Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child? Corporal Punishment in Schools Around the World 13:283
Bassiouni, M. Cherif The Time Has Come for An International Criminal Court 1:1
Beinart , Jennifer Bays Beyond Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation: Protecting India's Children from Inter and Intra-Familial Sexual Abuse 21:47
Bejesky, Robert The Evolution in and International Convergence of the Doctrine of Specific Performance in Three Types of States 13:353
An Analytical Appraisal of Public Choice Value Shifts for Enviornmental Protection in the United States & Mexico 11:251
Bellamy, Jeffrey Putting The Boss Behind Bars: Using Criminal Sanctions Against Executives Who Pollute-What China Could Learn From the United States 13:549
Bendor, Ariel L. Are There Any Limits to Justiciability? The Jurisprudential and Constitutional Controversy in Light of the Israeli and American Experience 7:311
Benfer, Emily A. In the Best Interests of the Child?: An International Human Rights Analysis of the Treatment of Unaccompanied Minors in Australia and the United States 14:729
Benz, David H. Little Network that Could: FCC Restrictions on Foreign Ownership 6:239
Beres, Louis Rene Assassinating Saddam Hussein: The View from International Law 13:847
Berger, Lee F. State Practice Evidence of the Humanitarian Intervention Doctrine: The ECOWAS Intervention in Sierra Leone 11:605
Bermann, George A. Columbia University and a New European Law Chair 4:0
Birdsong, Leonard E. In Quest of Gender-Bias in Death Penalty Cases: Analyzing the English Speaking Caribbean Experience 10:317
Black, Alexander J. Separated by a Common Law: American and Scottish Legal Education 4:15
Bleich, Rabbi Moshe A. Search and Seizure in Schools: A Comparison of Historical Jewish Legal Sources and Contemporary United States Law 7:379
Bogen, David S. Telling the Truth and Paying for It: A Comparison of Two Cases Restrictions on Political Speech in Australia and Commercial Speech in the United States 7:111
Bolaffi, Guido Redesigning Italy: The New Flow of Immigration 4:291
Boller, Tonya J. The International Criminal Court: Better than Nuremberg? 14:279
Borowski, Craig M. Human Cloning Research in Japan: A Study in Science, Culture, Morality, and Patent Law 9:505
Bowal, Peter A Study of Lay Knowledge of Law in Canada 9:121
Bowman, Gregory W. The Domestic and International Policy Implications of “Deep” Versus “Broad” Preferential Trade Agreements 19:497
Boyle, Heather The Land Problem: What Does the Future Hold for South Africa's Land Reform Program? 11:665
Bracken, Jill M. Respecting Human Rights in Population Policies: An International Customary Right to Reproductive Choice 6:197
Brashear, Andrea D. Evolving Biotechnology Patent Laws in the United States and Europe: Are They Inhibiting Disease Research? 12:183
Breger, Melissa Against the Dilution of a Child's Voice in Court 20:175
Breitmeyer, Kimberly A. Australia's Opposition to the Basel Ban Amendment on the Export of Hazardous Wates: When Will Australia Stop Stalling and Ratify the Amendment? 9:537
Britton, Philip Gay and Lesbian Rights in the United Kingdom The Story Continued 10:207
The Rainbow Flag, European and English Law: New Developments on Sexuality and Equality 8:261
Brower, Adam Rethinking NAFTA's NAALC Provision: The Effectiveness of its Dispute Resolution System on the Protection of Mexican Migrant Wokers in the United States 18:153
Browne, Michael Should Germany Stop Worrying and Love the Octopus? Freedom of Religion and the Church of Scientology in Germany and the United States 9:155
Browning, Minde Glenn International Trademark Law: A Pathfinder and Selected Bibliography 4:339
Bumgardner, Cynthia Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide in the United States and the Netherlands: Paradigms Compared 10:387
Burt, Sarah D. Pension Protection? A Comparative Analysis of Pension Reform in the United States and the United Kingdom 18:189
Butlak, Kimberly A. All's Fair in Love, War, and Taxes: Does the United States Promote Fair Tax Competition in a Global Marketplace Consistent with European Community and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Recommendations Through its Advance Ruling Progr 13:99