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Cameron, Karla Are United States Airlines Prepared to Handle In-Flight Medical Emergencies 9:573
Campbell, Randy Global Patent Law Harmonization: Benefits and Implementation 13:605
Carlberg, Lindsay K. The Agreement Between the United States and Vietnam Regarding Cooperation on the Adoption of Children: A More Effective and Efficient Solution to the Implementation of the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption or Just Another Road to Nowhere Paved wi 17:119
Carrington, Michael Pushing the Limits 13:825
Casselman, Joshua W. China's Latest 'Threat' to the United States: The Failed CNOOC-Unocal Merger and its Implications for Exon-Florio and Cfius 17:155
Cassidy, Julie Sovereignty of Aboriginal Peoples 9:65
The Enforcement of Aboriginal Rights in Customary International Law 4:59
Castetter, Marie Taking Law Into Their Own Hands: Unofficial and Illegal Sanctions by the Pakistan Tribal Counsils 13:543
Castor, David A. Treading Water in the Data Privacy Age: An Analysis of Safe Harbor's First Year 12:265
Chandola, V. Varn Affirmative Action in India and the United States: The Untouchable and Black Experience 3:101
Chauvin, Michael P. Towards the Establishment of Constitutionalism in Russia 3:271
Chen, Chung-Lin In Search of a New Approach of Information Privacy Judicial Review: Interpreting No. 603 of Taiwan’s Constitutional Court as a Guide 20:21
Chinn, Anthony Scott American Labor Law on Foreign Soil: Policies and Effects in a Smaller World 3:291
Christoff, Ann E. The Chinese Automobile Industry and the World Trade Organization: China’s Non-Compliance With WTO Regulations Through Its Subsidizing of Automobile Manufacturers 19:137
Chung, Chi International Law and the Extraordinary Interaction Between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of china on Taiwan 19:223
Clark, Melissa L. Israel's High Court of Justice Ruling on the General Security Service Use of "Moderate Phyusical Pressure": An End to the Sanctioned Use of Torture? 11:145
Clark, Regina M. China's Unlawful Control Over Tibet: The Tibetan People's Entitement To Self-Determination 12:293
Cohen, Barak Democracy and the Mis-Rule of Law: The Israeli Legal System's Failure to Prevent Torture in the Occupied Territories 12:75
Congdon, Renee Suarez Comparing Employer Sanctions Provisions and Employment Eligibility Verification Procedures in the United States and the United Kingdom 18:391
Cook, Aaron The NAFTA Superhighway: Paving the Way to a Prosperous North America An In-Depth Analysis of the Impacts of the NAFTA Superhighway and Recommendations For Its Implementation 19:459
Coombs, Cody Blue Morning-Glories in the Sky: Correcting Sanctions to Enforce Nuclear Nonproliferation in Iran 19:419
Cossiga, Francesco Institutional Reform and Italian Crisis 4:231
Coughlin, Paulee A. Movement of Consumer Protection in the European Community: A Vital Link in the Establishment of Free Trade and a Paradigm for North America 5:143
Crabill, Jeffrey V. Taiwan Keeps Antitrust Torch Burning By Enacting Fair Trade Law 2:449
Cross, Frank B. International Determinants of Human Rights and Welfare: Law, Wealth or Culture 7:265
Crowder, Richard W. Restitution in the Czech Republic: Problems and Prague-nosis 5:237