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Dallmann, Peggy D. Hague Convention on Parental Child Abduction: An Analysis of Emerging Trends in Enforcement by U.S. Courts 5:171
Dam, Shubhankar Legal Systems as Cultural Rights: A Rights Based Approach to Traditional Legal Systems under the Indian Constitution 16:295
Damania, Farzad The Internet: Equalizer of Freedom of Speech? A Discussion on Freedom of Speech on the Internet in the United States and India 12:243
Daudi, Adil Anwar The Invisible Bank: Regulating the Hawala System in India, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates 15:619
Daugherty Rasnic, Carol Die Kundigung, Licenciement, Recesso Dal Contrato, 'Firing,' or 'Sacking': Comparing European and American Laws on Management Prerogatives and Discretion in Termination Decisions 18:19
Dau-Schmidt , Kenneth G. The Relative Bargaining Power of Employers and Unions in the Global Information Age: A Comparative Analysis of the United States and Japan 20:1
Day, Phillip Custavo The Grapes of Wrath: The Discretionary Function Exception of the Federal Tort Claims Act, ยง2680(a), as Applied to the Chilean Grape Crisis of 1989 4:469
Deiwert, Brian A New Trusteeship for World Peace and Security: Can an Old League of Nations Idea Be Applied to a Twenty-First Century Iraq? 14:771
Derrington, Mr. Justice Desmond Occurrences: The World Trade Center Insurance Question 13:831
The Terrorist Threat: Australia's Response 13:699
Donohoe, Thomas Here . . . Fishy, Fishy, Physician: The Effect of European Union Mandates on Physician Movement in the European Union 18:437
Dor, Gal Constitutional Dialogues in Action: Canadian and Israeli Experiences in Comparative Perspective 11:1
Dorsett, Matthew R. Diamonds Are a Cartel's Best Friend: The Rise and Fall of Anticompetitive Business Practices within De Beers's International Diamond Cartel 16:145
Doversberger, Michael Conveyancing at a Crossroads: The Transition to E-Conveyancing Applications in the U.S. and Abroad 20:281
Dreiman, Brandon K. Extending the Fireman's Rule to Great Britain: Protecting British Citizens from Tort Liability for Firefighters' Line-of-Duty Injuries 8:381
Dutile, Fernand N. Law and Governance Affecting the Resolution of Academic and Disciplinary Disputes at Scottish Universities: An American Perspective 8:1
Dziuba, Dawn Trips Article 31bis and H1N1 Swine Flu: Any Emergency or Urgency Exception to Patent Protection? 20:195