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Faber, Jonathan L. Culture in the Balance: Why Canada's Copyright Amendments Will Backfire on Canadian Culture by Paralyzing the Private Radio Industry 8:431
Faircloth Peoples, Lee Controlling the Common Law: A Comparative Analysis of No-Citation Rules and Publication Practices in England and the United States 17:307
Farrell, Kenan Where Have All the Young Girls Gone? Preconception Gender Selection in India and the United States 13:253
Fette, Sarah E. Learning From Our Mistakes: The Aftermath of the American Divorce Revolution as a Lesson in Law to the Republic of Ireland 7:391
Fleming, Olivia Oh La, La! How Will the Polarized Decisions of the United States and France Regarding the Resonsibility for Policing Trademarks on Online Auctions Sites Be Synthesized? 20:313
Forest, Laura Sierra Leone and Conflict Diamonds: Establishing a Legal Diamond Trade and Ending Rebel Control over the Country's Diamond Resources 11:633
Forst, Arno Analytics for Business, Policy, and Law in a Comparative Review of Enhanced Wireless Emergency Number Call Services Systems in the European Union and United States 18:325
Forster, Dr. Marc European Constitutional Law in Action: Visiting a Public Debate at the Swiss Federal Supreme Court 3:265
Foster, Brandi R. Evolution of the "Traditional Family": A Comparative Analysis of United States' and United Kingdom's Domestic and International Adoption Law 14:315
Fugal, Jeffrey B. Brief Survey of the Smuggling of Fissile Material: An Embryonic Phenomena with a Terrifying Future in the European Community 6:289