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Gabriel, Henry D. A Primer on the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods: From the Perspective of the Uniform Commercial Code 7:279
Gamble, John King Choice of Language in Bilateral Treaties: Fifty years of Changing State Practice 3:233
Garavelli, Mario Drug Abuse in Italy and Europe in a Comparative Context 4:277
García-Padilla, Antonio The Internationalization of Legal Education: The James P. White Lecture on Legal Education 19:129
Gardiner, Brian Squatters' Rights and Adverse Possession: A Search for Equitable Application of Property Laws 8:119
Gastle, Charles M. The Need for an Antidumping Market Structure Test in the Context of Free Trade Agreements 11:37
Gatmaytan-Mango, Dante Artificial Judicial Environmental Activism: Opasa v. Factoran as Abberation 17:1
Genaw, Jillian L. Offshore Oil Drilling in the United States and the Expansion of Cuba’s Oil Program: A Discussion of Environmental Policy 20:47
Gerhart, Peter M. Understanding National Treatment: The Participatory Vision of the WTO 14:505
Giust, John E. Noncompliance with TRIPs by Developed and Developing Countries: Is TRIPs Working? 8:69
Glass, Bradley J. A Comparative Analysis of the Right of a Pregnanat Woman to Reuse Medical Treament for Herself and Her Viable Fetus: The United States and the United Kingdom 11:507
Glon, Justin C. "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors:" National Security and Terrorism--Time to Fence in our Southern Border 15:349
Goldman, Michael W. Introduction to Direct Foreign Investment in Mexico 5:101
Gomez, James September 11: Asian Perspectives 13:705
Goodroad, Scott L. The Challenge of Free Speech: Asian Values v. Unfettered Free Speech, an Analysis of Singapore and Malaysia in the New Global Order 9:259
Gordon, Mitchell One Test, Two Tales: When Executive/Judicial Balances Diverged in Argentina and the United States 19:323
Graf, Jon C. Has El Dorado Crumbled So Soon After Its Cornerstone Was Laid?: The State of International Refugee Law and the Repatriation of Bosnians in Germany 10:115
Green, Kelly Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia: Safeguarding Against the "Slippery Slope" The Netherlands v. The United States 13:639
Greene, J. Curtis New Regulations for Lawyers: The SEC's Final Rule for Professional Conduct in the Wake of Sarbanes-Oxley: Challenges for Foreign Attorneys 14:807
Griffin, Lissa "Which One of You Did It?" Criminal Liability for "Causing or Allowing" the Death of a Child 15:89
Gross, Emanuel Trying Terrorists--Justification for Differing Trial Rules: The Balance Between Security Considerations and Human Rights 13:777
Grossi, Simona A Comparative Analysis Between Italian Civil Proceedings and American Civil Proceedings Before Federal Courts 20:213
Grove, Jeffrey W. China Law Symposium Introductory Essay: Tracking the Dragon 6:319
Grunloh, Lynn A. Religious Accomodations for Police Officers: A Comparative Analysis of Religious Accomodation Law in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom 16:183
Guarnieri, Carlo Justice and Politics: The Italian Case in a Comparative Perspective 4:241
Gulick, P. Greg The Evelopment of a Global Hospital is Closer Than We Think: An Examination of the International Implications of Telemedicine and the Developments, Uses and Problems Facing International Telemedicine Programs 11:183
Guo, Richard Qiang Piercing the Veil of China's Legal Market: Will GATS Make China More Accessible for U.S. Law Firms? 13:147