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Kaliser, Marc S. A Modern Day Exodus: International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law Implications of Israel's Withdrawal from the Gaza Strip 17:187
Karpe, Craig R. European Cultural Protectionism and the Socioeconomic Forces that Will Defeat It 5:425
Kastenberg, Major Joshua E. The Right to Assistance of Counsel in Military and War Crimes Tribunals: An International and Domestic Law Analysis 14:175
Keller, Andrew N. Punishment for Violations of International Criminal Law: An Analysis of Sentencing at the ICTY and ICTR 12:53
Kelly, Michael J. Executive Excess v. Judicial Process: American Judicial Response to the Government's War on Terror 13:787
Environmental Implications of the North American Free Trade Agreement 3:361
Kennedy, Kevin C. The Status of the Trade-Environment-Sustainable Development Triad in the DOHA Round Negotiations and in Recent U.S. Trade Policy 19:529
Kennedy, Sheila Suess A Just World At Peace 11:377
Kenworthy, Brian S. The Un-Common Law: Emerging Differences Between the United State and the United Kingdom on the Children's Rights Aspects of the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction 12:329
Kenworthy, Dana J. The Austrian Psychotherapy Act: No Legal Duty to Warn 11:469
Kissel, Trina K. License to Blog: Internet Regulation in the People's Republic of China 17:229
Knapp, Kiyoko Kamio Warriors Betrayed: How the "Unwritten Law" Prevails in Japan 6:545
Knoll, Jonathan A. Here I Stand: An Assessment of President George W. Bush’s Call for International Religious Freedom in a 21st Century People’s Republic of China 20:79
Koons, Colin Education on the Home Front: Home Education in the European Union and the Need for Unified European Policy 20:145
Koster, Dr. Thomas Appellate Courts Split on the Interpretation of the Foreign Trade Antitrust Improvements Act: Should the Floodgates Be Opened? 14:717
Krohne, Steven W. The United States and the World Need an International Criminal Court as an Ally in the War Against Terrorism 8:159
Ku, Charlotte Choice of Language in Bilateral Treaties: Fifty Years of Changing State Practice 3:233
Kukovec, Damjan International Antitrust--What Law in Action? 15:1
Kult, Andrew P. Interstate Succession in South Africa: The "Westernization" of Customary Law Practices Within a Modern Constitutional Framework 11:697
Kuner, Christopher B. Linguistic Equality in International Law: Miscommunication in the Gulf Crisis 2:175
Kuruk, Paul The Role of Customary Law Under Sui Generis Frameworks of Intellectual Property Rights in Traditional and Indigenous Knowledge 17:67