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La Pergola, Antonio Italy and European Integration: A Lawyer's Perspective 4:259
Lacey, Major Michael Self-Defense or Self-Denial: The Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction 10:293
Laker, Kurt V. Smoke and Mirrors: the Self-Exmination of Canadian Marijuana Policy in the Context of Decriminalization in the Netherlands 14:341
Laun, Christina The Central American Free Trade Agreement adn the Decline of U.S. Manufacturing 17:431
Leach, James The Need for an Antidumping Market Structure Test in the Context of Free Trade Agreements 11:37
Lee, Jay Equity and Innovation: Using Traditional Islamic Banking Models to Reinvigorate Microlending in Urban America 16:523
Lee, Lawrence L.C. Taiwan's Antitrust Statutes: Proposals for a Regulatory Regime and Comparison of U.S. and Taiwanese Antitrust Law 6:583
Lee, Tahirih V. "Apres Moi Le Deluge"? Judicial Review in Hong Kong Since Britain Relinquished Sovereignty 11:319
Lee, Zachary Leveling the Trade Playing Field: The Ailing U.S. Manufacturing Sector and the Need for Trade Parity 20:355
Lerner, Joshua A. Snuffing Out a National Symbol: What the United States Can Learn From France's New No-Smoking Law 4:165
Levy, David A. BOT and Public Procurement: A Conceptual Framework 7:95
Financial Leasing Under the UNIDROIT Convention and the Uniform Commercial Code: A Comparative Analysis 5:267
Li, Weng Philosophical Influences on Contemporary Chinese Law 6:327
Likins, Bryan M. Determining the Appropriate Definition of Religion and Obligation to Accommodate the Religious Employee under Title VII: a Comparison of Religious Discrimination Protection in the United States and United Kingdom 21:111
Lippman, Matthew The Other Nuremberg: American Prosecutions of Nazi War Criminals in Occupied Germany 3:1
Little, Traci R. Protecting the Right to Live: International Comparison of Physician-Assisted Suicide Systems 7:433
Liu, Dingfa Recent Chinese Tax Legislation Affecting Foreign Investment in China 2:415
Lo, Vai Io Labor and Employment in the People's Republic of China: From a Nonmarket-Driven to a Market-Driven Economy 6:337
Long, Susan J. A Challenge to the Legality of Title III and LIBERTAD and an International Response 7:467
López, María Pabón The Place of the Undocumented Worker in the United States Legal System After Hoffman Plastic Compounds: An Assessment and Comparison With Argentina's Legal System 15:301
Lorch, Maristella de Panizza Academy for the Third Millenium 4:0
Loyd, Gregory S. Child Sexual Exploitation in Costa Rica 12:157
Lundmark, Thomas Free Speech Meets Free Enterprise in the United States and Germany 11:289
Lynch, Mark D. The Smart Money Is on Prosecutions: Using the Federal Interstate Wire Act to Prosecute Offshore Telephone Gambling Services 10:177