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Mack, Raneta Lawson It's Broke So Let's Fix It: Using a Quasi-Inquisitorial Approach to Limit the Impact of Bias in the American Criminal Justice System 7:63
MacLaughlin, Sara J. Food for the Twenty-First Century: An Analysis of Regulations for Genetically Engineered Food in the United States, Canada, and the European Union 14:375
Maggs, Peter B. The Russian Courts and the Russian Constitution 8:99
Major, Marie-France Comparative Analogies: Sullivan Visits the Commonwealth 10:17
Makdisi, John Hard Cases and Human Judgment in Islamic and Common Law 2:191
Martinez, Ian Rhodesian Anthrax: The Use of Bacteriological & Chemical Agents During the Liberation War of 1965-80 13:405
Mayerfeld, Jamie The Democratic Legitimacy of International Human Rights Law 19:49
McClintock, Michael D. Introduction to Direct Foreign Investment in Mexico 5:101
McGiverin, Brian In the Face of Danger: A Comparative Analysis of the Use of Emergency Powers in the United States and the United Kingdom in the 20th Century 18:233
McGregor, Lorna Military and Judicial Intervention: The Way Forward in Human Rights Enforcement? 12:107
McNulty, Shannon Building Trust in Northern Ireland: The Role of Civilian Review of the Police 12:219
McPhee, John S. Agriculture and Textiles: The Fare and Fabric of Current GATT Negotiations 3:155
Middleton, Shannon A. Women's Rights Unveiled: Taliban's Treatment of Women in Afghanistan 11:421
Miller, Amy K. Blue Rush: Is an International Privatization Agreement a Viable Solution for Developing Countries in the Face of an Impending World Water Crisis? 16:217
Milone, Kim L. Dithering Over Digitization: International Copyright and Licensing Agreements Between Museums, Artists, and New Media Publishers 5:393
Mitchell, Thomas W. The Land Crisis in Zimbabwe: Getting Beyond the Myopic Focus Upon Black & White 11:587
Mugwanya, George William Realizing Universal Human Rights Norms Through Regional Human Rights Mechanisms: Reinvigorating the African System 10:35
Murray, Peter L. A Comparative Law Experiment 8:231