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Nacle, Luz Esteem Evolution of the Colombian Judiciary and the Constitutional Court 6:59
Naert, Frederik The European Union and 'September 11' 13:719
Newman, Larry D. RICO and the Russian Mafia: Toward a New Universal Principle Under International Law 9:225
Newton, Jennifer Global Solutions to Prevent Copyright Infringement of Music Over the Internet: The Need to Supplement the WIPO Internet Treaties with Self-Imposed Mandates 12:125
Nnona, George C. Multidisciplinary Practice Under The World Trade Organization's Services Regime 16:73
Norman, Adam B. Rape Controversy: Is a Revisitation of the Status of Forces Agreement with Japan Necessary? 6:717
Novak, Scott B. A Step Toward Globalization: The Move for International Accounting Standards 9:203
Nwabueze, Remigius N. Ethical Review of Research Involving Human Subjects in Nigeria: Legal and Policy Issues 14:87