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Ochoa Carson, Amy East Timor's Land Tenure Problems: A Consideration of Land Reform Programs in South Africa and Zimbabwe 17:395
O'Hara, Margaret Analytics for Business, Policy, and Law in a Comparative Review of Enhanced Wireless Emergency Number Call Services Systems in the European Union and United States 18:325
Oko, Okechukwu Partition or Perish: Restoring Social Equilibrium in Negeria Through Reconfiguration 8:317
Omotola, Jelili A. Primogeniture and Illegitimacy in African Customary Law: The Battle for Survival of Culture 15:115
Oppenheimer, Brooke J. From Arrest to Release: The Inside Story of Uganda's Penal System 16:117
Ortwien III, Bernard Michael The Swedish Legal System: An Introduction 13:405
Osgathorpe, John D. Critical Survey of the People's Republic of China's New Company Law 6:493
Owen, Allison K. Death Row Inmates or Organ Donors: China's Source of Body Organs for Medical Transplantation 5:495