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P.A. Jones, Colin Law and Investment in Palau: A Brief Overview for Prospective Foreign Investors 17:49
Pahl, Michael R. Judicial One-Hit?: The Decriminalization of Personal Drug Use by Colombia's ConstitutionalCourt 6:1
Panos, Nicholas Emergence of United States Mutual Funds in Domestic Commercial Banks and Japan 5:353
Papa, Jeff Basic Options in the Non-Immigrant Business Context 15:279
Pasternack, Scott The International Legal Obligation to Teach Worldism in U.S. Classrooms 10:51
Paulson, Julie A. Melting Ice Causing the Arctic to Boil Over: An Analysis of Possible Solutions to a Heated Problem 19:349
Peeler, Calvin D. From the Providence of Kings to Copyrighted Things (and French Moral Rights) 9:423
Peerenboom, Randall Beyond Universalism and Relativism: The Evolving Debates about "Values in Asia" 14:1
Pham, J. Peter The Perils of "Consensus": Hans Kelsen and the Legal Philosophy of the United Nations 14:553
Pierce, Khadija Robin Comparative Architecture of Genetic Privacy 19:89
Plummer, Mary Beth Choice of Law or Statutory Interpretation?: The Fair Labor Standards Act Applied Overseas; Cruz v. Chesapeake Shipping Inc. 3:177
Pollack, Daniel Search and Seizure in Schools: A Comparison of Historical Jewish Legal Sources and Contemporary United States Law 7:379
Pomerance, Michla Seeking Judicial Legitimation in the Cold War:U.S. Foreign Policy and the World Court, 1948-1962 5:303
Porter, J.M.B. Osama Bin-Laden, Jihad, and the Sources of International Terrorism 13:871
Portnova, Marina Ownership and Enforcement of Patent Right in Russia: Protecting an Invention in the Existing Environment 8:505
Prinz, Jennifer L. The Phenomenon of Cybersuicide: An Examination of Australia's Solution, the Criminal Code Amendment (Suicide Related Material Offenses) Act 2005 and the Difficulty of International Implementation 18:477