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Rasnic, Carol D. Who Holds the Employment Contract "Trump Card"? Comparing Labor laws in Germany and the United States for the International Investor 4:33
Rehman, Atif The Court of Last Resort: Seeking Redress for Victims of Abu-Ghraib Torture through the Alien Tort Claims Act 16:493
Reinstein, Ellen Finding a Happy Ending for Foreign Investors: The Enforcement of Arbitration Awards in the People's Republic of China 16:37
Renwald, Jessica Zoe Foreign Investment Law in the People's Republic of China: What to Expect from Enterprise Establishment to Dispute Resolution 16:453
Riehle, Ann Canada's "Barbie and Ken" Murder Case: The Death Knell of Publication Bans? 7:193
Rietvelt, Marc Multilateral Failure: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Shrimp/Turtle Decision 15:473
Ristroph, Elizabeth Barrett How Can the United States Correct Multi-national Corporations' Environmental Abuses Committed in the Name of Trade? 15:51
Rivera, Francisco A Response to the Corporate Campaign Against the Alien Tort Claims Act 14:251
Rokita, Theodore Edward Why U.S.-Enforced International Flight Suspension Due to Deficient Foreign Airport Security Should be a "No-go" 5:205
Romero, Flerida Ruth P. Legal Challenges of Globalization, Delivered as Part of the Indiana Supreme Court Lecture Series at Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis 15:501
Romero, Victor C. Asians, Gay Marriage, and Immigration: Family Unification at a Crossroads 15:337
Root, David A. Attorney Fee-Shifting in America: Comparing, Contrasting, and Combining the "American Rule" and the "English Rule" 15:583
Ross, Charles S. Introduction: Italy's Crisis of Justice 4:219
Ross, Charles Stanley The Right of Privacy and Restraints on Abortion under the "Undue Burden" Test: A Jurisprudential Comparison of Planned Parenthood v. Casey with European Practice and Italian Law 3:199
Roth, Michael Universal Health Care: Concerns for American Physicians, Using the Canadian Experience as a Model 4:415
Rotman, Edgardo Inherent Problems of Legal Translation: Theoretical Aspects 6:187
Ruge, Thomas R. Higher Education for Undocumented Students: The Case for Open Admission and In-State Tuition Rates for Students Without Lawful Immigraiton Status 15:257
Russell, David Williams Refractions of Italian Law: An Indiana Perspective 4:297