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Sakmar, Susan L. Bringing Energy Trade into the WTO: The Historical Context, Current Status, and Potential Implications for the Middle East Region 18:89
Saunders, Kevin W. The Unites States and Canadian Responses to the Feminist Attack on Pornography: A Perspective from the History of Obscenity 9:1
Schiff, Damien M. Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' on the River: A Story of Drought, Treaty Interpretation, and Other Rio Grande Problems 14:117
Schlueter, Kalin P. Digitalizing Its Land Register: Croatia's E-Ticket to the EU 18:511
Schmidt, Andrea R. A New Trade Policy for America: Do Labor and Environmental Provisions in Trade Agreements Serve Social Interests or Special Interests? 19:167
Schnerre, Marion G. Antidumping, A Choice Between Unilateral Duties or Negotiations of a Suspension Agreement: The Aftermath of Techsnabebexport, Ltd. v. United States 4:497
Seay, Pamella A. Law, Crime, and Punishment in the People's Republic of China: A Comparative Introductionto the Criminal Justice and Legal System of the People's Republic of China 9:143
Seeman, Elaine Analytics for Business, Policy, and Law in a Comparative Review of Enhanced Wireless Emergency Number Call Services Systems in the European Union and United States 18:325
Shavloske, Patrick The Canadian-Spanish Fishing Dispute: A Template for Assessing the Inadequacies of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and a Clarion Call for Ratification of the New Fish Stock Treaty 7:223
Sheppard, Hale E. Dollarization of Ecuador: Sound Policy Dictates U.S. Assistance to this Economic Guinea Pig of Latin America 11:79
Shoenberger, Allen Privacy Wars: EU versus US: Scattered Skirmishes, Storm Clouds Ahead 17:355
Shumacher, P. James, Jr Legal Disincentives to Japanese Direct Investment in the United States 4:441
Singer, Allyson Sex Discrimination in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: The Sex Discrimination Ordinance, The Equal Opportunities Commission, and a Proposal for Change 11:215
Singh, M. P. Securing the Independence of the Judiciary--The Indian Experience 10:245
Small Bilyeu, Amy Trokosi-The Practice of Sexual Slavery in Ghana: Religious and Cultural Freedom vs. Human Rights 9:457
Sneek, Drs Th.J.W. CSCE in the New Europe: From Process to Regional Arrangement 5:1
Song, Insoon Old Knowledge into New Patent Law: The Impact of United States Patent Law on Less-Developed Countries 16:261
Sorg, Terrence J. Global Hunger, a Doubling Population, and Environmental Degradation: Justifying Radical Changes in U.S. Farm Policy 6:679
Sothmann, Stephen Let He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone: Foreign Direct Investment and National Security Regulation in China 19:203
Spectar, J.M. The Olde Order Crumbleth: HIV-Pestilence As A Security Issue & NEW Thinking About Core Concepts in International Affairs 13:481
Spitz, Bradley D. Cyber-Swashbuckling? The U.S. Copyright Holder's Battle against Extraterritorial Peer-to-Peer Network Infringement in U.S. Courts Will Not End with Grokster 16:423
Springfield, Delisa Sisters in Misery: Utilizing International Law to Protect United States Female Prisoners from Sexual Abuse 10:457
Stanghelein, Lorenzo Corporate Governance in Italy: Strong Owners, Faithful Managers. An Assessment and a Proposal for Reform 6:91
Stein, Mark S. The Security Council, the International Criminal Court, and the Crime of Aggression: How Exclusive Is the Security Council's Power to Determine Aggression? 16:1
Stepp, David R. Criminal and Quasi-Criminal Customs Enforcement Among the U.S., Canada, and Mexico 2:337
Stilt, Kristen A. Constitutional Authority and Subversion: Egypt's New Presidential Election System 16:335
Stith, Richard Can Practice Do Without Theory: Differing Answers in Western Legal Education 4:1
Strawbridge, Brian S. A Ship Without a Captain at the Helm: The Need for the Development and Implementation of a Supra-National Prudential Supervisor to Oversee the European Union Financial Sector 20:111
Sullivan, Jr., Justice Frank A Separation of Powers Perspective on Pinochet 14:409
Sutherland, Elaine E. Undue Deference to Experts Syndrome? 16:375
Szto, Mary C. Towards a Global Bar: A Look at China, Germany, England, and the United States 14:585