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Tallaksen, James J. Introduction to Direct Foreign Investment in Mexico 5:101
Tanabe, Noboru Japan's Investment Trust: A Vehicle of Savings for Tomorrow 2:385
Tanselle, Ryan W. Some Secrets Do Not Hurt Everyone: The Case for Additional Discount Window Reform in the United States' Federal Reserve 21:147
Taylor, C. O’Neal Of Free Trade Agreements and Models 19:569
Thackeray, Jr., Richard W. Struggling for Air: The Kyoto Protocol, Citizens' Suits Under the Clean Air Act, and the United States' Options for Addressing Global Climate Change 14:855
Thusing, Gregor Recent Developments in German Labor Law: Freedom of Association, Industrial Action, and Collective Bargaining 9:47
Trachtman, Elizabeth Food-Borne Illnesses Strike U.S. Food Supply: A Discussion of Inadequate Safety Procedures and Regulations in the U.S. and Abroad 20:385
Trujillo, Elizabeth Disaggregating the Regional-Multilateral Overlap: The NAFTA Looking-Glass 19:553
Tse-shyang Chen, Frederick The Meaning of 12:25
Turack, Daniel C. From Helsinki to Vienna: Basic Documents of The Helsinki Process (Book Review) 2:539