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Wagman Roisman, Florence Using International and Foreign Human Rights Law in Public Interest Advocacy 18:1
Ward, Ian Best of All Possible Worlds? Maastricht and the United Kingdom 5:75
Wardle, Lynn D. The Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption and American Implementing Law: Implications for International Adoptions by Gay and Lesbian Couples and Partners 18:113
Waterman, Lynn S. Was the Stela "Stolen"? 2:515
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Weston Ash, Robert Square Pegs and Round Holes: Al-Qaeda Detainees and Common Article 3 17:269
Wheeler, H. Harrison Appellate Courts Split on the Interpretation of the Foreign Trade Antitrust Improvements Act: Should the Floodgates Be Opened? 14:717
White, Nigel D. On the Brink of Lawlessness: The State of Collective Security Law 13:237
Willard, Geoferey T. Examination of China's Emerging Intellectual Property Regime: Historical Underpinnings, the Current System and Prospects for the Future 6:411
Williams, Bethany North and South: The Disparate Legal Approaches to Homosexual Activity in the United States and Nicaragua 15:215
Williams, Sir David The United Kingdom's Response to International Terrorism 13:683
Wolkowitz, Richard J. Introduction to Direct Foreign Investment in Mexico 5:101
Woodard, Rebecca L. Is Your Medical Information Safe? A Comparision and Sectoral Privacy and Security Laws 15:147
Wouters, Jan The European Union and 'September 11' 13:719
Wunsch, Gerald A. Why NAFTA's Immigration Provisions Discriminate Against Mexican Nationals 5:127
Recent Chinese Tax Legislation Affecting Foreign Investment in China 2:415