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Death Row Inmates or Organ Donors: China's Source of Body Organs for Medical Transplantation
Allison K. Owen
Democracy and the Mis-Rule of Law: The Israeli Legal System's Failure to Prevent Torture in the Occupied Territories
Barak Cohen
Determining the Appropriate Definition of Religion and Obligation to Accommodate the Religious Employee under Title VII: a Comparison of Religious Discrimination Protection in the United States and United Kingdom
Bryan M. Likins
Diamonds Are a Cartel's Best Friend: The Rise and Fall of Anticompetitive Business Practices within De Beers's International Diamond Cartel
Matthew R. Dorsett
Die Kundigung, Licenciement, Recesso Dal Contrato, 'Firing,' or 'Sacking': Comparing European and American Laws on Management Prerogatives and Discretion in Termination Decisions
Carol Daugherty Rasnic
Digitalizing Its Land Register: Croatia's E-Ticket to the EU
Kalin P. Schlueter
Disaggregating the Regional-Multilateral Overlap: The NAFTA Looking-Glass
Elizabeth Trujillo
Discretion and Valor at the Russian Constitutional Court: Adjudicating the Russian Constitutions in the Civil-Law Tradition
Jeffrey Waggoner
Dithering Over Digitization: International Copyright and Licensing Agreements Between Museums, Artists, and New Media Publishers
Kim L. Milone
Diverging Child Protection Laws in the Commonwealth: A Comparison of Recent Legislation in England and New Zealand
Kevin G. Harvey
Doctrine of Equivalents in Patent Litigation: an Analysis of the Epilady Controversy
John P. Hatter
Dollarization of Ecuador: Sound Policy Dictates U.S. Assistance to this Economic Guinea Pig of Latin America
Hale E. Sheppard
Drug Abuse in Italy and Europe in a Comparative Context
Mario Garavelli