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Fair Trade Coffee Practices: Approaches for Future Sustainability of the Movement
Grant E. Helms
Financial Leasing Under the UNIDROIT Convention and the Uniform Commercial Code: A Comparative Analysis
David A. Levy
Finding a Happy Ending for Foreign Investors: The Enforcement of Arbitration Awards in the People's Republic of China
Ellen Reinstein
Food for the Twenty-First Century: An Analysis of Regulations for Genetically Engineered Food in the United States, Canada, and the European Union
Sara J. MacLaughlin
Food-Borne Illnesses Strike U.S. Food Supply: A Discussion of Inadequate Safety Procedures and Regulations in the U.S. and Abroad
Elizabeth Trachtman
Foreign Investment Law in the People's Republic of China: What to Expect from Enterprise Establishment to Dispute Resolution
Jessica Zoe Renwald
Free Speech Meets Free Enterprise in the United States and Germany
Thomas Lundmark
From Arrest to Release: The Inside Story of Uganda's Penal System
Brooke J. Oppenheimer
From Helsinki to Vienna: Basic Documents of The Helsinki Process (Book Review)
Daniel C. Turack
From the Providence of Kings to Copyrighted Things (and French Moral Rights)
Calvin D. Peeler