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Labor and Employment in the People's Republic of China: From a Nonmarket-Driven to a Market-Driven Economy
Vai Io Lo
Law and Governance Affecting the Resolution of Academic and Disciplinary Disputes at Scottish Universities: An American Perspective
Fernand N. Dutile
Law and Investment in Palau: A Brief Overview for Prospective Foreign Investors
Colin P.A. Jones
Law, Crime, and Punishment in the People's Republic of China: A Comparative Introductionto the Criminal Justice and Legal System of the People's Republic of China
Pamella A. Seay
Leaping over the Great Wall: Examining Cross-Border Insolvency in China under the Chinese Corporate Bankruptcy Law
Steven J. Arsenault
Learning From Our Mistakes: The Aftermath of the American Divorce Revolution as a Lesson in Law to the Republic of Ireland
Sarah E. Fette
Legal Challenges of Globalization, Delivered as Part of the Indiana Supreme Court Lecture Series at Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis
Flerida Ruth P. Romero
Legal Disincentives to Japanese Direct Investment in the United States
P. James, Jr Shumacher
Legal Systems as Cultural Rights: A Rights Based Approach to Traditional Legal Systems under the Indian Constitution
Shubhankar Dam
Let He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone: Foreign Direct Investment and National Security Regulation in China
Stephen Sothmann
Leveling the Trade Playing Field: The Ailing U.S. Manufacturing Sector and the Need for Trade Parity
Zachary Lee
Liberalizing Trade in Legal Services: The GATS, The Accountancy Disciplines, and the Language of Core Values
Ryan W. Hopkins
License to Blog: Internet Regulation in the People's Republic of China
Trina K. Kissel
Linguistic Equality in International Law: Miscommunication in the Gulf Crisis
Christopher B. Kuner
Little Network that Could: FCC Restrictions on Foreign Ownership
David H. Benz