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Taiwan Keeps Antitrust Torch Burning By Enacting Fair Trade Law
Jeffrey V. Crabill
Taiwan's Antitrust Statutes: Proposals for a Regulatory Regime and Comparison of U.S. and Taiwanese Antitrust Law
Lawrence L.C. Lee
Taking Law Into Their Own Hands: Unofficial and Illegal Sanctions by the Pakistan Tribal Counsils
Marie Castetter
Telling the Truth and Paying for It: A Comparison of Two Cases Restrictions on Political Speech in Australia and Commercial Speech in the United States
David S. Bogen
The Agreement Between the United States and Vietnam Regarding Cooperation on the Adoption of Children: A More Effective and Efficient Solution to the Implementation of the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption or Just Another Road to Nowhere Paved wi
Lindsay K. Carlberg
The Austrian Psychotherapy Act: No Legal Duty to Warn
Dana J. Kenworthy
The Canadian-Spanish Fishing Dispute: A Template for Assessing the Inadequacies of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and a Clarion Call for Ratification of the New Fish Stock Treaty
Patrick Shavloske
The Central American Free Trade Agreement adn the Decline of U.S. Manufacturing
Christina Laun
The Challenge of Free Speech: Asian Values v. Unfettered Free Speech, an Analysis of Singapore and Malaysia in the New Global Order
Scott L. Goodroad
The Chinese Automobile Industry and the World Trade Organization: China’s Non-Compliance With WTO Regulations Through Its Subsidizing of Automobile Manufacturers
Ann E. Christoff
The Constitutional Authority of the Federal Government in State Criminal Proceedings that Involve U.S. Treaty Obligations or Affect U.S. Foreign Relations
Malvina Halberstam
The Court of Last Resort: Seeking Redress for Victims of Abu-Ghraib Torture through the Alien Tort Claims Act
Atif Rehman
The Democratic Legitimacy of International Human Rights Law
Jamie Mayerfeld
The Domestic and International Policy Implications of “Deep” Versus “Broad” Preferential Trade Agreements
Gregory W. Bowman
The Enforcement of Aboriginal Rights in Customary International Law
Julie Cassidy
The European Union and 'September 11'
Frederik Naert
Jan Wouters
The Evelopment of a Global Hospital is Closer Than We Think: An Examination of the International Implications of Telemedicine and the Developments, Uses and Problems Facing International Telemedicine Programs
P. Greg Gulick
The Evolution in and International Convergence of the Doctrine of Specific Performance in Three Types of States
Robert Bejesky
The Federal Common Law of Bail in International Extradition Proceedings
Roberto Iraola
The Grapes of Wrath: The Discretionary Function Exception of the Federal Tort Claims Act, §2680(a), as Applied to the Chilean Grape Crisis of 1989
Phillip Custavo Day
The Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption and American Implementing Law: Implications for International Adoptions by Gay and Lesbian Couples and Partners
Lynn D. Wardle
The International Criminal Court: Better than Nuremberg?
Tonya J. Boller
The International Legal Obligation to Teach Worldism in U.S. Classrooms
Scott Pasternack
The Internationalization of Legal Education: The James P. White Lecture on Legal Education
Antonio García-Padilla
The Internet: Equalizer of Freedom of Speech? A Discussion on Freedom of Speech on the Internet in the United States and India
Farzad Damania
The Invisible Bank: Regulating the Hawala System in India, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates
Adil Anwar Daudi
The Land Crisis in Zimbabwe: Getting Beyond the Myopic Focus Upon Black & White
Thomas W. Mitchell
The Land Problem: What Does the Future Hold for South Africa's Land Reform Program?
Heather Boyle
The Magic Confluence: American Attorneys, China's Rise, and the Global Value Chain
Justin W. Evans
The Meaning of
Frederick Tse-shyang Chen
The NAFTA Superhighway: Paving the Way to a Prosperous North America An In-Depth Analysis of the Impacts of the NAFTA Superhighway and Recommendations For Its Implementation
Aaron Cook
The Need for an Antidumping Market Structure Test in the Context of Free Trade Agreements
Charles M. Gastle
James Leach
The Olde Order Crumbleth: HIV-Pestilence As A Security Issue & NEW Thinking About Core Concepts in International Affairs
J.M. Spectar
The Other Nuremberg: American Prosecutions of Nazi War Criminals in Occupied Germany
Matthew Lippman
The Perils of "Consensus": Hans Kelsen and the Legal Philosophy of the United Nations
J. Peter Pham
The Phenomenon of Cybersuicide: An Examination of Australia's Solution, the Criminal Code Amendment (Suicide Related Material Offenses) Act 2005 and the Difficulty of International Implementation
Jennifer L. Prinz
The Place of the Undocumented Worker in the United States Legal System After Hoffman Plastic Compounds: An Assessment and Comparison With Argentina's Legal System
María Pabón López
The Rainbow Flag, European and English Law: New Developments on Sexuality and Equality
Philip Britton
The Reform of Corporate Governance in the United States and the New Challenge of the European Union: The Italian Case
Valentina Barbanti
The Relative Bargaining Power of Employers and Unions in the Global Information Age: A Comparative Analysis of the United States and Japan
Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt
Benjamin C. Ellis
The Right of Privacy and Restraints on Abortion under the "Undue Burden" Test: A Jurisprudential Comparison of Planned Parenthood v. Casey with European Practice and Italian Law
Charles Stanley Ross
The Right to Assistance of Counsel in Military and War Crimes Tribunals: An International and Domestic Law Analysis
Major Joshua E. Kastenberg
The Right to Self-Defense in National and International Law: The Role of the Imminence Requirement
Onder Bakircioglu
The Role of Customary Law Under Sui Generis Frameworks of Intellectual Property Rights in Traditional and Indigenous Knowledge
Paul Kuruk
The Russian Courts and the Russian Constitution
Peter B. Maggs
The Security Council, the International Criminal Court, and the Crime of Aggression: How Exclusive Is the Security Council's Power to Determine Aggression?
Mark S. Stein
The Smart Money Is on Prosecutions: Using the Federal Interstate Wire Act to Prosecute Offshore Telephone Gambling Services
Mark D. Lynch
The Status of the Trade-Environment-Sustainable Development Triad in the DOHA Round Negotiations and in Recent U.S. Trade Policy
Kevin C. Kennedy
The Swedish Legal System: An Introduction
Bernard Michael Ortwien III
The Terrorist Threat: Australia's Response
Mr. Justice Desmond Derrington
The Time Has Come for An International Criminal Court
M. Cherif Bassiouni
The Un-Common Law: Emerging Differences Between the United State and the United Kingdom on the Children's Rights Aspects of the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction
Brian S. Kenworthy
The United Kingdom's Response to International Terrorism
Sir David Williams
The United States and the World Need an International Criminal Court as an Ally in the War Against Terrorism
Steven W. Krohne
The Unites States and Canadian Responses to the Feminist Attack on Pornography: A Perspective from the History of Obscenity
Kevin W. Saunders
To Prosecute or not to Prosecute: Problems Encountered in the Prosecution of Former Communist Officials in Germany, Czechoslovakia, and the Czech Republic
Adrienne M. Quill
Towards a Global Bar: A Look at China, Germany, England, and the United States
Mary C. Szto
Towards the Establishment of Constitutionalism in Russia
Michael P. Chauvin
Treading Water in the Data Privacy Age: An Analysis of Safe Harbor's First Year
David A. Castor
Trips Article 31bis and H1N1 Swine Flu: Any Emergency or Urgency Exception to Patent Protection?
Dawn Dziuba
Trokosi-The Practice of Sexual Slavery in Ghana: Religious and Cultural Freedom vs. Human Rights
Amy Small Bilyeu
Truly Ineffective Assistance: A Comparison of Ineffective Assistance of Counsel in the United States of America and the United Kingdom
Marcus Procter Henderson
Trying Terrorists--Justification for Differing Trial Rules: The Balance Between Security Considerations and Human Rights
Emanuel Gross
Emanuel Gross