Administrative Policies

Inlow Hall Code of Conduct

Individuals using of the Law School are expected to:

  • Obey all applicable university, law school, and law library policies and laws of the local, state and federal government.
  • All students are expected to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Present identification to law school staff upon request, in compliance with University, Law School and Law Library policy.
  • Use email, Internet, and computer resources according to the Indiana University Information Technology policies.
  • Comply with other posted policies.
  • Respond to emergency and security gate alarms and other situations as instructed by staff, leave the building at closing, and access only authorized areas.
  • Comply with Indiana University smoking/tobacco policies
  • Be courteous to all students, faculty and staff.
Prohibited Behaviors

Certain behaviors, an incomplete list of examples is detailed below, are in conflict with the law school’s educational mission. Persons present in Inlow Hall shall refrain from engaging in any of the following behaviors:

  • Exhibit any threatening or intimidating behaviors, e.g., abusive language, threats of violence, or harassment.
  • Engage in behavior that is potentially unsafe or harmful to self or others.
  • Possess or use alcohol or controlled substances (except during authorized events).
  • Be in unauthorized areas of the building, remaining in the building after closing, or when requested to leave during emergency situations, drills, or when not abiding by the Law School’s Code of Conduct.
  • Open emergency exits except in emergency situations.
  • Produce unnecessary noise, including but not limited to playing audio equipment so that others can hear it or by behaving in a manner which reasonably can be expected to disturb other persons.
  • Engage in conduct that is designed to or could reasonably be perceived as harassing or annoying to others through noisy or boisterous activities;
  • Misappropriate, misuse, damage, steal, or obstruct use of equipment, property, resources, or facilities.
  • Remove or attempt to remove materials, equipment, or property without proper checkout or other authorization.
  • Use restroom facilities for purposes other than which they are intended.
  • Enter or remain in the building without a shirt or other covering of their upper bodies or without shoes or other footwear.
  • Bring animals in the building, except guide/assisting dogs.
  • Interfere with the legitimate use of the building by other persons, or interfere with employee performance of law school duties.
  • Vend, peddle, solicit, or petition in the building (except where authorized for law school purposes); post or distribute materials without permission. This restriction shall not be interpreted to restrict the freedom faculty, staff and students otherwise have to express, in a reasonable manner, views on matters related to the law school, the university, the law or on public issues. Nor shall it be interpreted to restrict the freedom faculty, students and staff otherwise have to, in a reasonable manner, petition, distribute materials or solicit regarding such matters.
  •  Fail to comply with any of the Expectations for Users of the Law School stated above.

If law school staff members become aware of prohibited behaviors, appropriate action will be taken. Appropriate action will be determined by the Dean of the Law School or his or her designees.

Appropriate actions include the following:

  • Being asked to modify your behavior.
  • Being asked to leave the premises.
  • Being banned from the law school
  • Legal prosecution.

The Dean or his designees may request the assistance of the campus police in enforcing this policy.