Become a McKinney Ambassador

The Admissions Office, in partnership with the Alumni Association, is looking for dynamic individuals to increase our efforts to promote the School of Law to prospective students.  Students and alumni will work collaboratively with the Admissions Office to increase awareness of all the programs and opportunities that IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law has to offer. 

Share your personal experiences with future law students and help them make their decision to attend Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law!

  • Current students who would like to get involved should fill out this survey.
  • Alumni who would like to get involved should fill out this survey.

Areas of Involvement 

Open Houses

The Admissions Office hosts an open house in the fall semester, Diversity Law Day (formerly known as Minority Law Day), primarily aimed at underrepresented groups in the legal profession and non-traditional students. There is also an open house held in the spring semester, Admitted Students Open House, which is specifically for admitted incoming students. These events are traditionally held on a Saturday and we ask for volunteers to assist us with registering guests, sitting on student or alumni panels, mock class participants, guiding tours and mingling.

The Admissions Office also hosts Tuesday Information Sessions (a.k.a Tuesday Open Houses) early in the spring semester. These occur from 4:30–5:30 p.m., usually every Tuesday in February. These are informal meetings where prospective students can get an overview of the admissions process, ask questions, and sit in on a class afterward. We ask for students to participate as panelists. 

The Tuesday Information Sessions will also be offered on selected Tuesdays this fall.

Prospective Student Contact

Many times throughout the admissions cycle prospective students want to talk to a current law student. Correspondence is usually through email or by phone. Prospective students usually just want to know what law school is like: how hard it is, how different it is from undergrad, or what relocating to Indianapolis is like. If they’re non-traditional students, they may want to speak to another non-traditional student to discuss the challenges of balancing law school with work or family. These contacts are important to applicants and can make a big difference in their decision to attend IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law.

Prospective students may also want to shadow a student for a day. This allows them to sit in on multiple classes, meet more law students and get a real feel for the school’s atmosphere.

Law School Fairs

From September through November, the Admissions Office is on the road, attending law school and graduate/professional school fairs and forums. We can’t possibly attend all of the events ourselves, so we sometimes rely on students to help us. We attend events both big and small, in large cities and in small college towns. Events vary from formal LSAC law school forums to events at undergraduate institutions that may or may not be limited to law schools. Volunteers for out of town events may have to miss class or work in order to travel, so it’s important that students who volunteer for recruiting events are in good standing, are comfortable with being absent from class, and make any arrangements necessary with professors.

Web/Social Media

Assist the Admissions Office online by moderating Facebook groups, participating in online chats, and building our online presence.


In addition to the above activities, the Admissions Office hosts other events, such as programming for high school groups, or meet-and-greets with ICLEO or summer class students. We are always looking for ways to expand our outreach efforts, so if you have any suggestions for activities, please email with your ideas.