J.D. Program

Preparing Your Application

Early Decision Program

If you are certain that the IU McKinney School of Law is your first choice, you can apply for the Early Decision Program. It is a binding program, so do not apply without careful consideration and research.

When you apply for early decision, the admissions committee will review your files and give you a decision by the end of December—before regular admissions begin. In return, you agree to matriculate into the school’s incoming class if admitted.

To be eligible, you must complete your application no later than November 15. The application package must include your:

  • Application
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement
  • LSDAS report
  • and agree to the early decision terms on the application form (check early decision box(es))

You must also take the LSAT no later than the October administration. If you fail to meet the November 15 deadline, your application will be considered in the regular decision process. Your files will be evaluated with the same admissions criteria as those for applicants who are evaluated under the regular decision process.

During the early decision process, your application may be accepted, denied, or held for later review. If your files are held for later review, you will no longer be bound by the early decision agreement.

If you are accepted, you must withdraw all other law school applications, pay the required seat deposit, and commit to attending IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law in the fall.

To apply for the early decision program, the first step is to complete the LSAC's CAS online application.