J.D. Program


IU McKinney Scholarships for Incoming J.D. Students

At the IU McKinney School of Law, we understand that while law school is an investment, many students need help paying for their tuition. To help, we offer a variety of scholarship programs. Each scholarship has its own criteria, but most emphasize academic achievement or promise. They are usually awarded on an annual basis.

We encourage you to contact our office if you have specific questions about available awards or the scholarship offers you have received.

Fee Remissions

As an incoming JD student at McKinney, you will be automatically considered for a merit-based fee remission. Recipients are chosen based primarily on a combination of their undergraduate GPA and their LSAT performance. Awards are available to both resident and out-of-state students, full time or part time. Amounts vary and often cover a substantial portion of tuition. They may be renewed up to 3 years for full time students (4 years for part time students) who maintain a specified minimum cumulative grade point average. 

Endowed scholarships

As an incoming JD student at McKinney, you may also apply for endowed scholarships online. There is no set deadline to submit the application as an incoming student, but awards will be offered on a rolling basis. Recipients are chosen based on criteria specified for each award, such as academic achievement, demonstrated leadership, interest in public service, need, or diversity. Award amounts vary and most of them are one-time awards. Candidates should submit the scholarship application for first-year incoming students to be considered for the majority of these awards. Some awards may require an additional application or essay.

Scholarship Application for Incoming Students

Outside/External Scholarship Opportunities

There are resources outside the School of Law that provide scholarship opportunities to new and/or continuing law students. Most of these are geared toward diversifiying the legal profession and give preference to students representing minority and unerrrepresented groups. Awards may be substantial, ranging up to $20,000 per year. Separate applications must be submitted to be considered for these awards. The following are just some of the external awards that are available; you may be able to research more opportunities on your own.

IU McKinney Scholarships for Returning JD Students

Each February after your admission, additional scholarship applications are posted for current students. Many of these are donor-funded scholarships with external selection committees and have varying deadlines. Current students generally have until March 31 each year to complete scholarship applications for any scholarships awarded by the IU McKinney Scholarships and Awards Committee. The returning students scholarship application can be found under the Current Students tab.

Scholarship Contacts

For questions about scholarships awarded by the Admissions Office:

Amanda Gallaga – Office of Admissions
agallaga@iupui.edu or (317) 274-8138

For questions about donor-funded scholarships including scholarship criteria, posting of funds, and external scholarship committees:

Lisa Schrage – Office of Development
lschrage@iu.edu or (317) 274-1906

For questions about the Scholarships and Awards Committee:

Carolta Toledo – Office of Student Affairs
ctoledo@iupui.edu or (317) 278-7662