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Milkah Murugi Muriithi


Milkah Murugi

I have a passion for empowering disempowered persons through access to justice."

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Milkah Murugi Muriithi is on a study leave from her position as Legal Director of the Legal Aid Centre of Eldoret (LACE) while pursuing an LL.M. at IU McKinney. She has been the legal director since 2009. She graduated from Moi University School of Law in 2003, which is based in Eldoret, Kenya. Even though she’s on a study leave, she is still sometimes involved with LACE activities.

Her work at LACE concerns the legal and health issues her clients face because of their medical conditions, which Murugi said has developed into a driving force for her.

“I believe in the rule of law, community empowerment, and progression in education and knowledge. I have a passion for empowering disempowered persons through access to justice,” Murugi said. “This makes a difference in their lives.”

Murugi gets to regularly see the change LACE makes in the lives of her clients.

She first came to know about IU McKinney through LACE co-founders Professor Fran Quigley, ’87, and Indiana Court of Appeals Judge Pat Riley, ’74. She’s appreciative of their continuing support of LACE, as well as that of Dean Emeritus Gary Roberts and Dean Andy Klein. She’s traveling to Thailand and Vietnam this summer as an intern through the Program in International Human Rights Law, working with the Bridges Across Boarders Southeast Asia program.

Earning an LL.M. degree will provide her with more of “a chance to continue helping the vulnerable, a chance to participate in policy making and reforms in health law, a chance to participate in the education sector by teaching law and a chance to make my further contribution to the protection and management of the fundamental freedoms and human rights of mankind,” Murugi said.