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Naomi Kwang, J.D., '14


Naomi Kwang, J.D., '14

I like the learning to be practical."

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2014 graduate Naomi Kwang  is originally from Singapore. She studied industrial engineering and economics as an undergraduate at Purdue University, and received a master’s degree in operations research from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Her work background in a corporate setting, focusing on economic development, piqued her interest in corporate law.

After finishing her studies in the U.S., she returned to Singapore, where she worked for the Economic Development Board, KPMG Business Advisory, the National Trade Union Congress, and again for the Economic Development Board.

“I wanted to do corporate Mergers & Acquisitions work,” Kwang said of her plans upon entering law school. While in law school, she worked as a clerk at Barnes & Thornburg’s Indianapolis office. “The advantage of knowing what I wanted meant that from the first semester of law school, I was gunning for an internship at one of the big firms. I’m looking forward to joining Barnes & Thornburg as a full-time associate.”

Being at a downtown law school with close ties to the legal community, and learning from adjunct professors who often are legal practitioners, is also something she likes about Indianapolis and IU McKinney.

“I like the learning to be practical,” she said.

The diversity of the professors is just one aspect of what she appreciates about the law school.

“There’s diversity in the student population; it’s not a whole crop of students coming straight from undergrad,” Kwang said. “I really enjoy learning with peers that have varied backgrounds.”