Judge Information and Reply Form

If you are interested in serving as a judge for the client counseling competition, please complete this form and review the ABA CCC Judging Standards (PDF)

Judge Contact Information

First Name
Last Name
Business/Firm Name
Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip Code
Primary Phone
Alternate Phone
Primary Email
Alternate Email

Judge Scheduling

Please select the evenings you are available to judge by clicking the checkbox next to the appropriate date(s). You should plan on arriving at the times indicated below. This will allow you enough time to check in and review the judging materials before the round starts. Please note the later starting time on Tuesdays.

Competition Dates & Orientation Check-in
Saturday        01/11/14 Round 1 12:00 pm
Saturday        01/11/14 Round 1 9:00 am
Wednesday        01/15/14 Round 2 6:30 pm
Thursday        01/16/14 Round 2 6:30 pm
Dates and times above are subject to change if new scheduling demands arise.
Judges will be notified promptly of any changes affecting them.

Judge Preferences

We will consider the checked date(s) confirmed unless you indicate otherwise. Our normal practice is to telephone you with a reminder a day or two before you are scheduled to judge. If you prefer to be contacted by other means or prefer not to be contacted, indicate your preference here:

  Please call me at the above number in the event you need a back-up judge

  I cannot volunteer this year but would like to stay on your mailing list for future competitions

  Please remove my name from your mailing list

  I can't participate as a judge this year but will contribute to the Competition. Please accept my check payable to the "IU Foundation" with CCC noted in the memo line

  Please send me a copy of the judge's packet via U.S. mail to the mailing address noted above

If you have any judging needs or preferences (e.g., disability accommodations), please indicate them here:

If you would like to keep a copy of this form for your records, select "Print" from your browser's "File" menu or click the printer icon in the toolbar.