Whether you’re taking your first steps into the field of law or are seeking an advanced law degree,  the IU McKinney School of Law has the program for you.

The McKinney Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree (J.D.)

This is where it all begins. This is where you get the practical and theoretical foundation you need to succeed in a law career. And this is where you learn what you need to know to be an outstanding attorney and an outstanding leader, no matter where you go.

You can choose between our full-time, three-year J.D. program and our part-time, four-year evening program. Either way, you’ll learn from top faculty, get hands-on experience in the practice of law, and gain expertise in the specialty of your choice.

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The McKinney Master of Laws (LL.M.) 

The LL.M. program could be right for you if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • You are licensed to practice law in a country other than the United States and want to practice here.
  • You are a foreign lawyer seeking to learn more about United States law to further your career in your own country.
  • You are a licensed lawyer from the United States and want to obtain advanced knowledge in a particular specialty.

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The McKinney Doctor of Juridical Science Degree (S.J.D.)

If you’re interested in pursuing advanced, specialized legal study, the S.J.D. program may be for you. It’s a highly selective, research-oriented program culminating in a dissertation.

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The McKinney Master of Jurisprudence Degree (M.J.)

If in-depth knowlege of the law would help you in your job, but you do not plan to take the bar exam and practice law, the individualized M.J. degree can be a great tool to advance your career goals.

Courses may be taken full-time or part-time.

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