Master of Jurisprudence (M.J.)

This degree is designed specifically for individuals who are interested in increasing their legal knowledge, but who do not want to practice law.  It is becoming increasingly important to have a knowledge of the law, as it affects more and more disciplines, such as the life sciences; social work; human resources; business and corporate affairs; the environment; real estate development, and journalism, to name a few.  The M.J.’s focus is on those professionals who want to learn about the law as a way to enhance, and potentially advance, their careers.

The M.J. degree allows you to work one-on-one with a faculty advisor to create your own individualized curriculum focusing on the areas of the law that will help your career the most. We have created sample curricula in several areas for your consideration:  Environmental, Energy, & Natural Resources, Human Resources, or Law Enforcement.

The required 30 credit hours may be taken full or part-time.  As a student in the M.J. program, you can choose from a variety of courses at the law school. Because you won’t actually be practicing law, you won’t be taking any experiential, hands-on, law classes, but you can enroll in courses that cover the substantive areas of the law that will best serve your educational needs.  You can develop an individualized program of study with the help of your advisor. The course list includes all courses you would be eligible to take (among the required, elective, and seminar courses offered in our J.D. curriculum). 

Ready to get started? Find out how to apply for the M.J. now, or contact the Program Director:

Professor Deborah McGregor

M.J. Program Director
Tel. 317-274-2608