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February 11, 2007
Kena Hollingsworth , '01 to Speak on Date Night with Heather and Ed:

Time: 9:00 pm
Location: 1070 WIBC Radio

Kena S. Hollingsworth of Carmel-based law firm Hollingsworth Jocham & Zivitz, LLC will appear Sunday, February 11, 2007 at 9:00 p.m. (ET) on the nationally-syndicated relationship show, Date Night with Heather and Ed, heard on 1070 WIBC .

Ms. Hollingsworth is a frequent contributor to Date Night with Heather and Ed, where she regularly discusses issues concerning family law and relationships. On Sunday’s program, she will talk about advising clients during breakups.

Hollingsworth Jocham & Zivitz, LLC is a full-service family law team, offering a compassionate approach to family law, which combines effective client advocacy with patience, empathy and understanding. Their legal services are also available in Spanish.

Date Night with Heather and Ed is hosted by Heather Hill, author of the book “Baby It’s You – What You Can Do To Find True Love” and founder of the dating service Reservations for Two, along with radio personality and writer, Ed Wank. The show helps listeners and callers with relationship advice including topics on love, dating and marriage. Experts from various fields offer weekly advice to callers.