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April 29, 2007
Faculty Member to Appear on National Television
Prof. Magliocca's Talk About New Book to Appear on C-SPAN2

Speaker: Professor Gerard Magliocca speaks on his book.
Time: 6:30 am
Location: C-SPAN2

Associate Professor Gerard N. Magliocca gave a talk at the George Washington University Law School on April 5, discussing his new book on a critical period of American history, Andrew Jackson and the Constitution: The Rise and Fall of Generational Regimes (University Press of Kansas). His talk will be broadcast on C-SPAN2 on Sunday, April 29 at 6:30 am.

According to the publisher, "Magliocca reinterprets the legal landmarks of the Jacksonian era to demonstrate how the meaning of the Constitution evolves in a cyclical and predictable fashion. ... Offering intriguing parallels between Jackson and George W. Bush regarding the scope of executive power, Magliocca has produced a rich synthesis of history, political science, and law that revives our understanding of an entire era and its controversies, while providing a model of constitutional law applicable to any period." "This is a truly distinguished contribution to our constitutional understanding, combining theory and history in an exemplary fashion. If you are going to read one book about our Constitution this year, read Magliocca's."— Bruce Ackerman (Yale Law School).