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February 27, 2004
"A Funny Thing Happened After I Didn't Go To Law School"

Speaker: Mark Katz
Time: 12:30-1:30 p.m.
Location: Room 300
Contact: Sponsored by the Democratic Law Society

On February 27, speechwriter and humorist Mark Katz will be speaking on "A Funny Thing Happened After I Didn't Go To Law School." Mr. Katz came dangerously close to going to law school but instead became a presidential jokewriter. For eight years of a previous administration, Katz served as Bill Clinton's humor speechwriter, an experience he recounts in his newly-published book Clinton & Me: A Real Life Political Comedy. The event will be moderated by his brother, Rob Katz, who did go to law school and is now an associate professor of law at Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis. The event is sponsored by the Democratic Law Society. Real bagels flown in overnight from Manhattan will be served. For more on the book and its author, see For an excerpt from the book click here.