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February 27, 2004
"Appraising the Bush Administration's Human Rights Justifications for Invading Iraq"

Speaker: Professor Henry J. Richardson III, Temple University School of Law
Time: 12:00 Noon
Location: Room 375
Contact: Contact: Prof. George Edwards or Chalanta Schockley (317) 274-1917

Professor Richardson's bio: · Served on the National Security Council Staff in charge of African Policy and United Nations issues in President Carter's administration. · Member of the Council on Foreign Relations (current) · Senior Foreign Policy Adviser to the Congressional Black Caucus · Attorney, Department of Defense Office of General Counsel. · Vice president and Honorary Vice President of the American Society of International Law · International Legal Adviser to the government of Malawi · Faculty Africanist at Law · Founding member – National Conference of Black Lawyers · Founding member – Project on the Advancement of African-Americans in International Law. · Published many scholarly articles for the American Journal of International Law and other journals on many international topics. · Current – Professor of International Law, Temple University · Co-founder of Temple's International and Comparative Law Journal · A.B. from Antioch College (1963) · Yale Law School (1966) · LL.M. -- UCLA (1971) Sponsored by the Program in International Human Rights Law. Co-sponsors: International Law Society, International Human Rights Law Society, and Black Law Student Association [More...]