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June 13, 2008
The Inaugural Annual Midwest Family Law Conference
Jazzing Up Family Law

Speaker: Midwest Family Law Consortium
Time: All Day
Location: Inlow Hall
Contact: Contact Professor Jennifer Drobac:

The Inaugural Annual Midwest Family Law Conference, "Jazzing Up Family Law" will be held at the law school on Friday, June 13*. The Indy Jazz Fest will be taking place across the street in Military Park that same weekend. Join the fun!

CLE credit* pending approval / This event held concurrently with the start of Indy Jazz Fest


Keynote Speaker: James W. Payne, Judge, Director Indiana Department of Child Services
Registration Fee: $350 for lawyers seeking CLE credit, $195 for government employees and academics, free for students (who can opt to pay for meals—anticipated total ~$20)
Papers Only: If you cannot attend but wish to purchase a set of papers, the fee is ~$25 (The Indiana Law Review will publish a limited number of papers submitted by June 13, 2008)

Other confirmed speakers include: Prof. Amy Applegate, Prof. Susan Appleton, Prof. Kathy Baker, Prof. Julia Belian, Prof. June Carbone, Prof. Elaine Chui, Prof. Sacha Coupet, Prof. Karen Czapanskiy, Prof. Jennifer Drobac, Prof. James Dwyer, Prof. Ann Estin, Ms. Rozlyn Fulgoni-Britton, Prof. Barbara Glesner-Fines, Ms. Lauren Grattenthaler, Prof. Vivian Hamilton, Prof. Jacquie Hand, Prof. Leslie Harris, Prof. David Herring, Prof. Clare Huntington, Prof. Melanie Jacobs, Prof. Courtney Joslin, Prof. Patrice Kunesh, Prof. Pamela Laufer-Ukeles, Prof. Maria Pabon Lopez, Prof. Cynthia Mabry, Ms. Sandie McCarthy-Brown, Prof. Adele Morrison, Prof. Antony Page, Prof. David Papke, Mr. Michael Ruppert, Ms. Cathy Sakimura, Ms. Joni Sedberry, Prof. Julie Shapiro, Prof. Sheila Simon, Ms. Judith Sperling-Newton, Ms. Amy Stewart, Prof. Evelyn Tenenbaum, Prof. Tracy Thomas, Prof. Mikah Story Thompson, Ms. Larkin Walsh, Ms. Holly Wanzer, and Prof. Susan Waysdorf.

Please visit the Jazz Day Site for more info.