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February 12, 2010
IUAA Event
Winter College

Speaker: Professors Lopez and Page will present CLE classes
Time: February 12-14
Location: Ft. Myers, Florida
Contact: RSVP to Yvonne Owens at 317-274-5063 or

Join fellow alumni and friends at the Alumni Association's Winter College in Fort Myers, Florida, February 12-14, 2009.

Enjoy your ultimate "college" experience, complete with world-class professors and inspired classmates. Be enlightened and engaged, as distinguished members of our faculty lead a variety of hour-long "Classes without Quizzes" delving into issues focused on our theme: "Power of One". For more information, please contact Stefan Davis at 317-274-2317 or

Professor María Pabón López
The Power of One U.S. Supreme Court Case: Plyler v. Doe

Decided in 1982, this case guarantees children of immigrants the right to attend public school.  This presentation examines the Plyler opinion, to uncover its unique anaylsis and its historical context.  Moving to the present, this presentation surveys the obstacles that immigrant students face in their quest for further schooling and analysis pending legislative proposals, such as the federal DREAM Act, which aim to provide these students access to higher education.  The presentation concludes with a discussion of what lies in the future for the children of immigrants in the U.S., mostly in the form of potential immigration and educational reform.

Professor Antony Page
Making Money & Making a Difference: Can Law Help the Social Entrepreneur Transform the World?

The "social entrepreneur," someone trying to solve social problems with business methods, has received quite a bit of attention, such as Muhammad Yunus' 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, speeches by Bill Gates, the recent Papal Encylical, and both Business Week's and Fast Company Magazine's top 25 lists.  Proponents argue that social entrepreneurs are "New Heroes" who will transform the world, whereas skeptics dismiss them as a fad or mere "semantic bubble."  This presentation looks at whether and how law can assist the social entrepreneur to both make money and make a difference, and perhaps encourage more business founders to embrace pro-social goals.

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