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April 12, 2005
Criminal Defense Clinic Speaker
Wrongful Conviction

Speaker: Kirk Bloodsworth
Time: Noon
Location: Wynne Courtroom
Contact: Fran Hardy: (317) 274-1911

Kirk Bloodsworth and John Terzano will be speaking at the law school on April 12, 2005, at noon in the courtroom, in conjunction with the criminal defense clinic wrongful conviction component. All students and faculty are invited. Kirk Bloodsworth was the first death row inmate to be exonerated by DNA evidence. He had been convicted of the sexual assault and strangulation of a nine year old girl. Mr. Bloodsworth was convicted and sentenced to death in March of 1985 after five witnesses testified that they had seen him with the victim. The original conviction was overturned by the appellate court and he was retired, convicted, and sentenced to two consecutive life terms. In 1992, DNA testing was performed on the biological evidence and the results excluded Kirk Bloodsworth. He was released from prison in June 1993 and pardoned in December of that year. Mr. Bloodsworth will be joined by John Terzano, President of the Justice Project. John and Kirk, coworkers in the death penalty reform movement, will speak about Kirk's story and the errors it highlights in the criminal justice system.