James P. Nehf

Professor of Law
Cleon H. Foust Fellow
John S. Grimes Fellow

Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law
Lawrence W. Inlow Hall, Room 341
530 W. New York Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-3225

Phone: (317) 274-8077
Fax: (317) 278-3326
E-Mail: jnehf@iupui.edu



B.A., 1979, Knox College
J.D., 1983, University of North Carolina


Contracts; consumer law, European community law, commercial law


James P. Nehf has been teaching contracts, consumer law, and commercial law subjects for more than twenty years. He is an internationally recognized expert in consumer privacy and financial services law and serves as an executive board member of the International Consumer Law Association, a global society of consumer law scholars and policy makers. He has won numerous teaching awards and has been a frequent speaker at law conferences, CLE seminars, and law-related lecture series. Professor Nehf was the inaugural director of the law school's European Law Program and has held several university administrative positions, including a term as Associate Dean for Graduate Studies at the law school and as interim director of the Indiana University Center on Southeast Asia.

Professor Nehf’s publications include several chapters in a leading commercial law treatise, Secured Transactions Under the Uniform Commercial Code (where he now serves as principal author and editor), an updated and revised edition of Corbin on Contracts—The Impossibility Doctrine, a book on privacy law, Open Book: The Failed Promise of Information Privacy in America, and numerous other book chapters and articles on commercial law, consumer finance, privacy law, low-income consumer transactions, and international/comparative law subjects. He currently serves as co-chair of the consumer law subcommittee in the Cyberspace Committee of the American Bar Association (Business Law Section) and on the editorial board for the Markets and Law Series at Ashgate Publishing.

Professor Nehf graduated first in his law school class, served as editor-in-chief of the North Carolina Law Review, and was elected to Order of the Coif. After law school, he worked as a law clerk for the Honorable Phyllis A. Kravitch of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit and entered private practice with O'Melveny & Myers in Washington, D.C. Before joining the faculty in 1989, he was a partner in the Washington firm of Choate, Filler, & Nehf, specializing in commercial and consumer litigation.  Professor Nehf has also taught as a visiting professor at Wake Forest University, Mercer University, and the University of Georgia.


(SSRN: http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/cf_dev/AbsByAuth.cfm?per_id=55981)

Books and Chapters

  • Authored books ****
  • SECURED TRANSACTIONS UNDER THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (Author and Editor-in-Chief, Lexis-Nexis/Matthew Bender, 2012--present)
  • CORBIN ON CONTRACTS--IMPOSSIBILITY, vol. 14 (rev. 2001, Joseph Perillo, ed.)
  • Edited books ****
  • Book chapters ****
  • Privacy and Consumer Issues, in RFIDs, NEAR-FIELD COMMUNICATIONS AND MOBILE PAYMENTS, ch. 11 (Sarah Jane Hughes, et al., eds.)(2013)
  • Security Interests in Aircraft, Rolling Stock and Vessels, ch. 18A, in SECURED TRANSACTIONS UNDER THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (James Nehf, ed., 2013)
  • Statutory Lien Priorities, in SECURED TRANSACTIONS UNDER THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE, ch. 7FF (James Nehf, ed., 2012)
  • Preventing Another Financial Crisis: The Critical Role of Consumer Protection Laws, in THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS AND THE NEED FOR CONSUMER CREDIT REGULATION (C. Lima Marques, et al., eds., 2012)
  • Guaranties in Secured Transactions, in SECURED TRANSACTIONS UNDER THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE, ch. 8A (J. McDonnell, ed., 2011)
  • Informal Dispute Settlement Procedures and Administrative Remedies in Consumer Cases, in COMMERCIAL AND CONSUMER WARRANTIES: DRAFTING, PERFORMING, AND LITIGATING, ch. 18 (J. McDonnell, ed., 2010)(co-author)
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  • Security Interests in Manufactured Homes, in SECURED TRANSACTIONS UNDER THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE, ch. 18A (J. B. McDonnell, ed., 2009)
  • *Credit Alternatives and Micro-Lending in American Immigrant Communities, in THE FUTURE OF CONSUMER CREDIT REGULATION: CREATIVE APPROACHES TO EMERGING PROBLEMS, ch. 7 (M. Kelly-Louw, J. Nehf, P. Rott, eds., 2008)
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  • Consumer Credit and the Fringe Banking Industry, in SECURED TRANSACTIONS UNDER THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE, ch. 20A (J.B. McDonnell, ed. 2005)
  • Bad Faith Breach of Contract in Consumer Transactions, in GOOD FAITH IN CONTRACT: CONCEPT AND CONTEXT, ch.6 (R. Brownsword, et al., eds. 1999).
  • Enforcement of Consumer Rights in the U.S. and Canada, in CONSUMER PROTECTION IN THE WTO ERA 85 (S. Rachagan, ed., 1999).

Law Review and Journal Articles

  • The FTC’s Proposed Framework for Privacy Protection Online: A Move Toward Substantive Controls or More Notice and Choice, 37 WM. MITCHELL L. REV. 1727 (2011)
  • *Shopping for Privacy on the Internet, 41 J. CONS. AFFAIRS 351-65 (2007)
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Essays and Reports

  • Consumer Credit Regulation and International Financial Markets: Lessons from the Mortgage Meltdown, in Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad (2011)
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Book Reviews

  • Modernising and Harmonising Consumer Contract Law, EUR. J.L. REFORM (2009)
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Other Publications

  • Article 9 Secured Transactions: Recent Developments,UCC AND COMMERCIAL TRANSACTIONS (Ind. Cont. L. Educ. F. 2012)
  • Drafting the Basic Elements, CONTRACT DRAFTING (Ind. Cont. L. Educ. F., March 2007 and May 2003).
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  • Panelist, Federalist Society program on "Freedom, Government Accountability, and the Future of Municipal Regulation," Indianapolis, December 1994
  • "Expectations for Faculty in U.S. Higher Education: Roles and Rewards,” USIA-sponsored seminar for foreign educators, Indianapolis, January 1994
  • “Consumer Protection in the Baltic States,” Terra Baltica Conference (Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies), University of Toronto, Summer 1992
  • Speaker, Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianapolis (numerous CLE presentations on consumer, contract and commercial law subjects), 1992-present
  • “Commercial Law Reform in Transition Economies,” IBEC conferences in Riga, Latvia, June-July 1991, and Indianapolis, October 1991

Other Activities

  • Co-chair, Consumer Law Subcommittee, ABA Section on Business Law, Cyberspace Committee
  • Expert Commentator, Lexis-Nexis, Commercial and Consumer Law
  • Executive Board, International Association of Consumer Law
  • Editorial Board, Markets and Law Series, Ashgate Publishing
  • Legal Counsel, Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board
  • Member of the Bar: Indiana (active), Georgia (active), District of Columbia (inactive)
  • Lecturer, BarBri Bar Review
  • Roy W. LeClere Trophy recipient (Associated Colleges of the Midwest) [Midwest Conference]
  • Hunter Trophy recipient (Knox College)
  • Knox College Athletic Hall of Fame (2012 inductee)
  • Bryant Anderson Award recipient (Lake Park H.S.)