The Global Crisis Leadership Forum is a joint initiative of the IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law and IU's School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

This unique interdisciplinary partnership brings together experts and practitioners in the field of global crisis management, national security, and cybercrime.

The forum organizes courses, workshops, forum discussions, and training programs that enhance individual and institutional resiliency to both man-made and natural crises and disasters. This project builds upon both schools' outstanding track record of producing leaders in the governmental, nonprofit, and judicial sectors. By broadly focusing on the strategic, legal, and operational issues involved in crisis management and national security, the Forum advances the academic field of global crisis management that is still in an embryonic stage.

The related courses offered by the GCLF faculty include: National Security Law, the Seminar in Comparative National Security Law, Cybercrime, and Military Law.

Whether you aim to be a leader in the public or corporate sectors, this program will hone your skills working in a multidisciplinary and global world.

By bringing distinguished speakers from around the world to the Indianapolis campus, the Forum offers students and members of the public the opportunity to meet individuals who have served in key leadership positions managing international crises. We seek to engage the public in discussions about the challenges faced by leaders throughout the international community as they aim to protect public safety while preserving civil liberties.

To find out more about career opportunities in the expanding field of crisis management, both locally and internationally, contact any of the forum chairs who will be happy to share their perspectives on the role a legal education can play in becoming a leader in this field.