Graduate Certificate in Health Law

The Hall Center’s Graduate Certificate in Health Law provides an opportunity for JD students to specialize in the health law and policy curriculum. A Graduate Certificate will be awarded to enrolled JD candidates who complete at least 6 approved courses totaling at least 15 credit hours in health law courses (2 required core courses, 2 advanced health law courses, 1 elective health law course) and complete a capstone writing, practical, or skills course. Students must also maintain a 3.2 GPA in the Health Law, research or experiential capstone courses applied toward the Certificate.

Required Core Courses:

Administrative Law
Introduction to Health Law & Policy

Advanced Health Law Courses (2 required):

Business and Legal Aspects of Health Care Organizations
Bioethics and Law
Health Care Quality & Safety
Law and Public Health

Elective Health Law Courses (1 required):

AIDS: Ethical, Legal and Policy Issues
Antitrust and the Health Care Industry
Corporate Compliance Overview
Drug Innovation & Competition Law
Elder Law
ERISA Retirement Plans: Formation and Structure
Food and Drug Law
Food Law and Policy
Health Care Fraud and Abuse Regulation
Health Care Reimbursement
Insurance Law
Intellectual Property of Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Devices
Issues in Death and Dying
Law of Medical Malpractice
Life Sciences Compliance Law
New Genetics: Ethical, Legal and Policy Issues
Neuroscience and the Law
Psychiatry and the Law
Seminar in Law and Medicine
Social Regulation of the Body and Its Processes

Experiential or Research Capstone Courses (1 required)*:

Health Law Externship
Health Law Research Paper submitted in satisfaction of a seminar or other writing requirement
Indiana Health Law Review (note or comment)
Participation in External Health Moot or Transactional Competition**

*Note: Any paper, note or comment submitted to satisfy the Experiential or Research Capstone must be submitted to and approved by a Hall Center co-Director.

**Note: Additional prior approval required from a Hall Center co-Director. Credit from a course (e.g., a seminar, law review, or an externship) that otherwise satisfies the Capstone requirement MAY count towards the total credit hours required for the Certificate up to a maximum of two hours credit.

Health Law Certificate Declaration

Students who have decided to pursue the certificate must complete an Intent Form. Students will be encouraged to declare their intent between the end of the first year and the beginning of the second year (day students) or during the second year (evening students). In the semester in which they complete the concentration, students must file a Certificate Application to show the course work and written work that satisfies the concentration requirements. All forms should be turned in to the Coordinator of the Center for Law and Health for processing. In the case of a student who takes more than the minimum number of qualifying courses the student’s best grades in the qualifying courses will be used to calculate his or her health law GPA.

Note: Students may earn a maximum of two graduate certificates. Only core courses may be counted toward both certificates. Students must inform the advisors of both certificates of their intent to seek two certificates.