Hospital Legal Department Externship (2 cr.) D802 Externs work in legal and/or ethical departments of a hospital or with the Marion County Health Corporation on issues concerning health care, public health, guardianships, and the development of hospital policies required by federal and state laws, including ethical considerations in the treatment of patients. (Application(s): Summer & Fall 2013)

Marion County Public Health Externship (2 cr.) D802 Student externs will assist health department attorneys in enforcement of the Marion County Public Health Code in environmental court and drafting of health department regulations and contracts. (Application(s): Summer & Fall 2013)

Program on Law and State Government Externship Course (3 cr.) D802 Allows students the opportunity to learn about the practice of law within the state government setting with a combination of traditional classroom learning and an externship placement at one of a wide variety of law offices and agencies within the executive and legislative branches of Indiana's state government. The class meetings explore topics such as ethical considerations for the public lawyer, rulemaking and the administrative process, federalism and state sovereignty, state supported speech, and state budgeting issues. (Two of the course credits will be graded S/F, based upon satisfaction of externship requirements, with the remaining credit carrying a course grade based upon performance in the classroom component of the course.) (Application: Fall 2013 | More info: PLSG web site)

The Program on Law and State Government Internship course is open only to selected students who have successfully completed the application and interview process. Students wishing to enroll in the course need to submit an application to the Program on Law and State Government on or before the application deadline at the beginning of the semester prior to the semester they plan to enroll. Specific internship placements will be made by the faculty advisor in consultation with supervising attorneys at the placement sites. For more information, contact Professor Cynthia Baker, director of the Program on Law and State Government and faculty advisor to the program's interns.

Placements for the State Health Agency Internship include:

  • State Department of Health
  • Family and Social Services Administration
  • Department of Insurance

For a complete list of placements see: http://mckinneylaw.iu.edu/law_state_gov/placements.html