Joint Degrees

Here at the Hall Center we are part of a major research University that specializes in the life sciences. We have developed an unparalleled selection of joint degrees offered in conjunction with the School of Public Health, the Center for Bioethics, the School of Medicine, and the School of Social Work.
Through participation in these programs, students can earn a JD degree, along with a master’s degree in an additional area, in a shorter time than it would take to earn the two degrees independently. Joint degrees offering a health care law and policy specialization are:

  • JD/MPA: Doctor of Jurisprudence/Master of Public Affairs
  • JD/MHA: Doctor of Jurisprudence/Master of Health Administration
  • JD/MPH: Doctor of Jurisprudence/Master of Public Health
  • JD/MD: Doctor of Jurisprudence/Doctor of Medicine
  • JD/MSW: Doctor of Jurisprudence/Master of Social Work
  • JD/MA: Doctor of Jurisprudence/Master of Arts in Philosophy with a concentration in Health Law and Bioethics

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