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Fair Trial Checklist In the Works for Guantanamo Bay Hearings

Professor George Edwards is the principal author for the “Guantanamo Bay Fair Trial Checklist” which is being compiled for use by non-governmental organization observers witnessing the military commission proceedings at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Editor of IICLR Looks Forward to Publication's 25th Anniversary

Paul Babcock, a 4L evening student at IU McKinney, is editor-in-chief of the Indiana International & Comparative Law Review for the 2014-2015 academic year. What follows is a Q and A interview Babcock gave to Graduate Studies Program Manager Perfecto ‘Boyet’ Caparas, ’05.

Professor Edwards Recent Presentations in Panama and Ecuador

Professor George Edwards traveled recently to Panama and Ecuador, where he made presentations to law students interested in earning advanced law degrees in the United States. Professor Edwards wrote about both presentations on the blog for his book, LL.M. Roadmap.

Wele Elangwe, LL.M. ’10, Wins Presentation Award, Publishes Paper on Gender Equality

Wele Elangwe, LL.M. ’10, recently published an article on gender equality in an African Development Bank publication, and won the top award for best faculty oral presentation for her talk titled “From Disdain to Esteem: An Auto-ethnographical Study on the Socio-Cultural Attitudes on Disability in Africa and the United States.

Professor Edwards, Chuck Dunlap, '96, Discuss Guantanamo Bay Cases with Lee Hamilton

Professor George Edwards and Chuck Dunlap, ’96, visited with retired Congressman Lee Hamilton on June 3 to discuss the Military Commission Observation Project.

Professors Edwards and Waterhouse to Take Part in Panel Discussions During National Bar Association Meetings

Professor Carlton Waterhouse and Professor George Edwards are scheduled to present during the National Bar Association International Affiliates Meeting in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Four IU McKinney Alumni Taking Part in Military Commissions Observation Project

Jeffrey Meding, ’13, traveled to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, while Hattie Harman, ’10, and Jeff Kerner, ’02, went to Fort Meade in Maryland to observe hearings as part of IU McKinney’s participation in the Military Commissions Observation Project. Indiana Court of Appeals Judge Pat Riley, ’74, traveled to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the week of April 21 to observe hearings related to the attack on the USS Cole.

Two IU McKinney Alumni Chosen for Guantanamo Observation Project

Jeffrey Meding, ’13, and Indiana Court of Appeals Judge Pat Riley, ’74, have been chosen to take part in the Program in International Human Rights Law’s Military Commission Observation Project.

Deadline March 21 for IU McKinney Alumni, Faculty and Staff to Apply to Visit Guantanamo Bay for Hearings

IU McKinney’s Program in International Human Rights Law (PIHRL) is putting together a contingent to travel to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba during April to observe hearings related to the September 11 attacks and the attack on the USS Cole.

Scott Bates Speaks at Indianapolis Committee on Foreign Relations Meeting

Scott Bates, president of the Center for National Policy in Washington, D.C., and a long-serving adjunct professor at IU McKinney School of Law, was the speaker at a meeting of the Indianapolis Committee on Foreign Relations on March 6.

Law School Welcomes State Department International Women of Courage Award Recipient

The Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law welcomes Judge Iris Yassmin Barrios Aguilar on March 11 to celebrate her recognition from the U.S. State as a Secretary of State 2014 International Women of Courage award recipient.

Group from IU McKinney Gets NGO Observer Status to Visit Guantanamo Bay U.S. Military Commission Hearings

The Pentagon’s Convening Authority for Guantanamo Bay U.S. Military Commissions has awarded nongovernmental organization observer status to the Program in International Human Rights Law at the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law. This new status will permit students, staff and faculty to travel to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to observe, study, and critique criminal hearings of U.S. Military Commission.

Professor George Edwards Named to Advisory Committee of Universal Rights Group Think Tank in Switzerland

Professor George E. Edwards was named a Member of the Advisory Committee of the Universal Rights Group (URG), which is a small, independent international human rights law think tank based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Professor Edwards Presents at National Bar Association Meeting in Morocco

Professor George Edwards presented at the National Bar Association (NBA) Judicial Council Mid-Winter Conference in Marrakech, Morocco. Edwards spoke about international human rights law, international legal education, diplomacy, and the rule of law in the United States, in Morocco and around the globe.

Professor Edwards Moderates AALS Panel on Graduate Programs for Non-U.S. Law Professors

Professor George Edwards moderated a panel discussion during the Association of American Law Schools annual meeting. The topic under discussion was “Educating Non-U.S. Law Professors.”

Professor George Edwards Observes Pre-trial Hearings of Guantanamo Bay Detainees

Professor George Edwards traveled to Fort Meade in Maryland on December 19 to observe secure satellite television feeds of pre-trial hearings for detainees at Guantanamo Bay. The hearings were in the case of five defendants who are accused of masterminding the September 11 World Trade Center attacks.

Professor Edwards Visits Republic of Korea for Forum on National Security

Professor George Edwards recently had an opportunity to visit the demilitarized zone/joint security area that straddles the border between North Korea and South Korea. He was in the region to speak at the launch of the Global Intelligence Forum.

Professor Edwards Elected to 3 National Leadership Positions for Master of Laws Programs

Professor George E. Edwards was elected to three graduate and international legal education leadership positions within the Association of American Law Schools.

Archived Headlines:

Professor Edwards Delivers Presentation on International Legal Education, Human Rights in Oman  (12/10/2012)
Professor Edwards Named to ALI Restatement Group  (11/26/2012)
Professor Edwards Presents to State Department Officials at U.S. Consulate in Johannesburg  (10/18/2012)
Professor Shaver Explores Human Rights from an Intellectual Property Standpoint  (08/27/2012)
Professor Edwards to Speak at UNICEF Conference at Georgetown  (08/08/2012)
Professor Edwards Shares International Human Rights Expertise with Indianapolis Community  (07/11/2012)
Professor Edwards Teaches in Indiana Judges Graduate Program  (07/02/2012)
Judge Patricia A. Riley,’74, Court of Appeals of Indiana: Observations on International Criminal Law and Courts  (06/06/2012)
UN Acts on IU McKinney Law Student-Initiated Cape Verdean Child Abuse Report   (05/29/2012)
Third Annual ‘Race for LACE’ Raises Funds for Human Rights in Kenya   (05/25/2012)
IU McKinney Law Students Present Report at the UN on Corporal Punishment and Sexual Abuse of Kids in Cape Verde  (03/19/2012)
Associate Dean Bravo appointed to the Helton Selection Committee of the American Society of International Law (ASIL)   (03/01/2012)
Nobel Prize Recipient/Women's Rights Activist Speaks at Law School  (02/16/2012)
Professor Edwards Elected to AALS Positions and Named National Policy Fellow  (02/02/2012)
Professor Adams Advises Kenya Law School on Advocates Training  (10/13/2011)
Professor Edwards Hosts Yemeni Women's Rights Advocates and Journalists  (10/10/2011)
Professor Edwards’ LL.M. Roadmap Now Available in Print  (10/07/2011)
Law School Program Receives Special Consultative Status at the United Nations   (08/19/2011)
Professor Edwards Named American Bar Foundation Fellow  (08/19/2011)
Professor Roisman Presents on Fair Housing and Human Rights  (06/08/2011)
Law School Program Will Have Special Consultative Status at the United Nations   (06/03/2011)
Professor Bravo Participates in Symposium on Human Trafficking  (04/19/2011)
Professor Edwards Hosts North African and Middle Eastern Legal Experts  (03/31/2011)
Professor Bravo Discusses Human Trafficking and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade  (03/17/2011)
Professor Bravo Participates in Symposium on State Sovereignty in Today's World  (02/21/2011)
Law Faculty Gather in San Francisco, Professor Lopez Presents on Diversity at the AALS  (01/05/2011)
Professor George Edwards Speaks at Chatham House Event  (11/12/2010)
International Jurist in Indianapolis  (05/14/2010)
Law Students Urge UN to Ask U.S. to Stop Jailing Children for Life   (05/06/2010)
Professor Edwards Speaks on Human Trafficking and the Right to Health  (02/25/2010)
Prof Quigley Speaks at Ohio Northern University Regarding the 'War on Terror'  (01/13/2010)
Professor Edwards Makes Presentation at U.S. State Department Affiliate in Rome  (10/22/2009)
Law School Strengthens Ties to IU’s Nobel Prize Nominated Program to Combat HIV/AIDS in Kenya  (10/15/2009)
Something for Everyone: IU School of Law – Indianapolis Features Diversity Week   (10/08/2009)
Professor Dannenmaier Chairs Workshop Session in Geneva on Resolving International Development Conflicts  (09/21/2009)
Law School Hosts Legal Delegation from South America   (09/21/2009)
Research of Professors Bravo and López presented at the World Society of Victimology’s 13th International Symposium of Victimology  (09/14/2009)
Professor Quigley Presents New Book on Fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa  (09/07/2009)
Professor Quigley to discuss Human Rights at ABA Conference  (09/07/2009)
Professor Edwards Lectures on History of Human Rights, International Trade and the Right to Health  (08/12/2009)
Professor Dannenmaier Cited by Philippines Supreme Court  (06/08/2009)
Professor George E. Edwards Receives PEAR Award from IUPUI   (04/01/2009)
Professor Edwards Spearheads NBA's Efforts to Encourage U.S. Participation in Combatting Global Racism  (03/28/2009)
Professor Florence Roisman Speaks at Human Rights Event at Columbia Law School  (03/28/2009)
Professor Bravo Presents Money Laundering and Human Trafficking Research at the 103rd ASIL Annual Meeting   (03/28/2009)
IU Law-Indianapolis Defenders Prove Chadian Women's Rights Violations to UN Experts  (03/20/2009)
Professor Kinney Visits Taiwan to Promote 'Human Right to Health'  (03/09/2009)
Professor Edwards hosts International Colloquium on Multi Regional Approaches to Human Rights Problems  (08/19/2008)
Professor George Edwards Meets International NGO Leaders  (08/14/2008)
PIHRL Students Featured in Indiana Lawyer  (05/11/2008)
Prof. Edwards Featured in Kuwait's Al Jarida Newspaper  (04/02/2008)
Prof. Bravo to Speak at Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law  (04/01/2008)
Prof. Edwards Named to Titled Professors Committee  (09/13/2007)
The Cambridge Connection: IU Law Faculty Meet in England  (08/23/2007)
Professor Bravo Presents Research at AALS Meeting in Canada  (07/05/2007)
Prof. George Edwards Receives Excellence in Civic Engagement Award from IUPUI  (04/16/2007)
Prof. George Edwards works for David Hicks Defense at Guantanamo Bay  (04/03/2007)
Students Go to U.N. to Defend Human Rights in Chile over Spring Break  (03/13/2007)
Professor Edwards and PIHRL Profiled in Indiana Lawyer  (02/26/2007)
2006 Grad Lands Dream Job  (10/24/2006)
PIHRL Students and Director Submit Reports to the United Nations  (08/31/2006)
Professor Edwards Presents ICC Training Document in Jordan  (02/24/2006)
IU Law-Indianapolis Student Participates   (02/23/2006)
Prof. George Edwards Elected to American Law Institute  (01/23/2006)
IU Law-Indianapolis Students Intern at The Hague Working on War Crimes Cases  (12/19/2005)
Haitian Human Rights Expert Speaks at Law School  (10/13/2005)
Prof. George Edwards Presents Paper at United Nations in New York  (07/14/2005)
Prof. Edwards Participates in International Criminal Court and the Arab World Event  (02/28/2005)
Yorrow Jallow Speaks on the Struggle for Press Freedom in West Africa  (02/16/2005)