International and Comparative Law Graduate Certificate

The International and Comparative Law Certificate will be awarded to students who complete a minimum of 15 credits in International and Comparative Law courses, including two of three core classes, as well as completing upper level electives from both the international and comparative law baskets, and an International and Comparative Law capstone course (a writing, practical, cultural immersion, or skills course) while maintaining a 3.2 GPA* in the International and Comparative Law courses applied to the Concentration. [View Checklist]

Required Core Courses – Must take at least two of the following

International Law (3 cr.)
Comparative Law (3 cr.)
International Business Transactions (3)

Upper Level Courses – Must take at least three of the following, including at least one from each of the International Law and Comparative Law baskets:

International Law Basket:
International Criminal Law (3 cr.)
International Human Rights Law (3 cr.)
International Commercial Arbitration (2 cr.)
International Legal Transactions (2 cr.)
International Environmental Law (3 cr.)
International Trade Law (2 cr.)
WTO Law (3 cr.)
International Intellectual Property Law (2-3 cr.)
Seminar in Illicit International Markets (2 cr.)
International Tax (3 cr.)

Comparative Law Basket:
International and Comparative Family Law (2 cr.)
European Union: Foundations (3 cr.)
European Union: Doing Business (3 cr.)
Japanese Law (2 cr.)
Law and Society of China (2-3 cr.)
Seminar in Comparative National Security Law (2cr.)
China Study Abroad (2-5 cr.)**

Experiential Courses - Writing, Practical, Cultural Immersion, or Skills – Must take at least one of the following:

International Human Rights Law Internship (4 cr.)
China Study Abroad (2-5 cr.)
ACrE (Advanced Course Related Experience) (variable cr.) [international and comparative law topic]
Advanced Field Research (2-4 cr.)
Center for Victim and Human Rights Externship (2 cr.)
Eli Lilly and Company In-House Tax Counsel Externship (2 cr.)
Supervised Research in International and Comparative Law (variable cr.)
Health and Human Rights Clinic (3-4 cr.)
Immigration Clinic (2-3 cr.) (only with Immigration Clinic Supervisor certification of substantial international and/or comparative law research as part of the students clinic experience)
Jessup Moot Court Competition (1 cr.)
European Union Moot Court Law (2 cr.)
Willem C. Vis in International Commercial Law and Arbitration (2 cr.)
Law Review Note [international and comparative law topic] (2 cr.)
International and Comparative Law Review note (2 cr.)
Global Crisis Leadership Forum

*GPA note: In the case of a student who takes more than the minimum number of qualifying courses, the student's best grades in those courses will be used to calculate his or her IC&L Law GPA.

**This course can only be counted either under the Comparative Law Basket or as an Experiential CourseCultural Immersion.