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Calabresi, Honorable Guido Comments by the Honorable Guido Calabresi, U.S. Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit 8:333
Campbell, Courtney E. Where Do Treating Physicians Belong as Witnesses in the Seventh Circuit? 9:247
Cantor, Julie D. Of Pills and Needles: Involuntary Medicating the Psychotic Inmate when Execution Looms 2:119
Carroll, M.D., Aaron Transcript of the 2008 Live Symposium Panel Discussion 5:
Cate, Russell B. Move Over Managed Care – Health Savings Accounts, Small Businesses, and Low Wage Earners: Cost, Quality, and Access 4:
Chirba-Martin, Mary Ann Avoiding the Avoidable: Why State Laws Need to Protect Kids from Airbags 7:1
Chowdhury, Kali Prasun An Economic Analysis of the Impact of Pay-for-Performance Initiatives on Physicians, Patients and Insurance Providers 3:349
Clemmens, Emilie W. Creating Human Embryos for Research: A Scientist’s Perspective on Managing the Legal and Ethical Issues 2:95
Cook, Katherine B. Revising Assisted Outpatient Treatment Statutes in Indiana: Providing Mental Health Treatment for Those in Need 9:661
Cooper, Neal A. Prolific Plaintiffs or Rabid Relators? Recent Developments in False Claims Act Litigation 1:131
Copland, James R. Administrative Compensation for Pharmaceutical - and Vaccine-Related Injuries 8:275
Coughlan, Jennifer Can Money Buy Quality? Physician Response to Pay for Performance 3:443
Coughlin, Christine Nero Legal Methods for Medical Professionals Year 2: Shifting Negative Attitudes 9:533
Courtney, Bobby A. Hospital Tax-Exemption and the Community Benefit Standard: Considerations for Policymaking 8:365
Cox, Meghan A. Laryngoscopes, Lidocaine, and Liability: The Absence of Immunity Protection for Prehospital Providers in Indiana 6:77
Coylewright, Jeremy No Fault, No Worries… Combining a No-Fault Medical Malpractice Act with a National Single-Payer Health Insurance Plan 4:
Currid, Elizabeth G. More Bite Than Bark: The Legal and Social Consequences of Microchipping Individuals with Alzheimer's Disease 6:357