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Daley, Matthew V. A Flawed Solution to the Sex Offender Situation in the United States: The Legality of Chemical Castration for Sex Offenders 5:
Davis, Mary J. The Case Against Preemption: Vaccines & Uncertainty 8:291
Davis, Sarah Law in Action: Learning Health Law through Experience with Stakeholders at the Patient and System Levels 9:559
DeVries, Brenda K. Health Should Not Be a Determinative Factor of Whether One Will Be a Suitable Adoptive Parent 6:137
Dolinar, Richard Pay for Performance or Compliance? A Second Opinion on Medicare Reimbursement 3:391
Douglas, Mark E. Finally Moving Beyond the Fiction: An Overview of the Recent State Rally for Health Care Reform 5:
Drabiak, Katherine A Proposal for Comprehensive Biobank Research Laws to Promote Transnational Medicine in Indiana 5: