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Ebert, Robin E. Attorneys, Tell Your Clients to Say They’re Sorry: Apologies in the Health Care Industry 5:
Edwards, Deborah C. Duty-to-Warn - Even if it May Be Hearsay? The Implications of a Psychotherapist’s Duty-to-Warn a Third Person When Information is Obtained From Someone Other Than His Patient 3:171
Eichel, Kristin McCreary Focusing on Fraud: The Federal Government Expands Its Use of the False Claims Act to Police Off-Label Pharmaceutical Promotion 8:339
Elder, Robert R. Expanded Hospital Liability Under the Federal False Claims Act: An Unexpected Solution to the Resident Duty Hour Controversy 5:
Engelhardt, Jr., H. Tristram Giving, Selling, and Having Taken: Conflicting Views of Organ Transfer 1:29