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Faden, Ruth Legal and Ethical Considerations in Government Compensation Plans: A Case Study of Smallpox Immunization 1:1
Fairchild, Kyle K. Nurses Providing Anesthesia Not a "Laughing" Matter: Why Indiana Should Not Opt Out of Federal Physician Supervision of Certified Nurse Anesthetists Requirements 9:281
Finnerty, Michael J. Transcript of Live Symposium Panel Discussion 4:
Fleischhacker, Sheila Carrots or Candy in Corner Stores?: Federal Facilitators and Barriers to Stocking Healthier Options 7:23
Francis, Leslie Pickering Legitimate Expectations, Unreasonable Beliefs, and Legally Mandated Coverage of Experimental Therapy 1:213
Fraser, Shelley S. Hospital Liability: Drawing a Fine Line with Informed Consent in Today's Evolving Health Care Arena 1:253
Frech III, H.E. Controlling Medical Malpractice Insurance Costs - Congressional Act or Voter Proposition? 3:27
Fredland, Valita The Forgotten Patient: A Health Provider's Guide to Providing Comprehensive Care for Transgender Patients 9:69