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Hall, Ralph Transcript of the Live Symposium 6:385
Hamm, William G. Controlling Medical Malpractice Insurance Costs - Congressional Act or Voter Proposition? 3:27
Hammer, Peter J. Global Health Initiatives and Health System Development: The Historic Quest for Positive Synergies 9:567
Hazaray, Neil F. Do the Benefits Outweigh the Risks? The Legal, Business, and Ethical Ramifications of Pulling a Blockbuster Drug Off the Market 4:
Heathcotte, Brock J. Strained Applications of the Viability Standard to In Vitro Frozen Embryos—Deconstructing Jeter v. Mayo Clinic Arizona 5:
Hike, James Blake An Athlete's Right to Privacy Regarding Sport-Related Injuries: HIPAA and the Creation of the Mysterious Injury 6:47
Hixon, Timothy J. Anti-depressants and Children: Suicidality, Off-label Use, and Trial Publication 3:201
Hoffman, Diane E. Achieving Quality and Responding to Consumers The Medicare Beneficiary Complaint Process: Who Should Respond? 5:
Honig, David B. Prolific Plaintiffs or Rabid Relators? Recent Developments in False Claims Act Litigation 1:131
Hubbard, Sally Taking Roll: An Assessment of State and Local Governance of School Wellness Policies 5:
Huffman, Max Competition Policy in Health Care in an Era of Reform 7:225