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Kallmyer, J. Brad A Chimera in Every Sense: Standard of Care for Physicians Practicing Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2:225
Kapp, Marshall B. A Collaborative Center in Medicine and Law: Lessons from a Disruptive Innovation 9:457
Kelleher, David E. Pay-for-Performance in Central Indiana 3:371
Khan, Fazal Paging King Solomon: Towards Allowing Organ Donation from Anencephalic Infants 6:17
Kinney, Eleanor Transcript of the Live Symposium 6:385
Kinney, Eleanor D. Altered Standards of Care for Health Care Providers in the Pandemic Influenza 6:1
Dances with Elephants: Administrative Resolution of Medical Injury Claims by Medicare Beneficiaries 5:
Introduction 4:
William Snyder Hall: In Memorium 2:1
Klish, Julie C. Serving Economic Efficiencies or Anticompetitive Purposes? The Future of Group Purchasing Organizations and the Antitrust Safety Zone 2:173
Koons, Kevin D. Physician Employee Non-Compete Agreements on the Examining Table: The Need to Better Protect Patients' and the Public's Interests in Indiana 6:253
Krouse, Alex iPads, iPhones, Androids, and Smartphones: FDA Regulation of Mobile Phone Applications as Medical Devices 9:731