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Marchalonis, John J. Sound Constitutional Analysis, Moral Principle, and Wise Policy Judgment Require a Clear and Convincing Evidence Standard of Proof in Physician Disciplinary Proceedings 3:103
May, Jessica H. Can Money Buy Quality? Physician Response to Pay for Performance 3:443
McCabe, Heather A. Altered Standards of Care for Health Care Providers in the Pandemic Influenza 6:1
McMahon, John W. Report of the Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs: Physician Pay-for-Performance Programs 3:421
Meek, Travis P. Proper Preemption or Contrived Construction?: Why Section 360k(a) of the FDCA Should Not Be Interpreted to Preempt State Common Law Tort Claims 3:231
Mekel, Michele Putting Theory into Practice: Thoughts from the Trenches on Developing a Doctrinally Integrated Semester-in-Practice Program in Health Law and Policy 9:503
Miller, Brendan W. Your Money or Your Lifestyle!: Employers’ Efforts to Contain Healthcare Costs – Lifestyle Discrimination Against Dependents of Employees? 5:
Miller, Katie Nanotechnology: How Voluntary Regulatory Programs Can Both Ease Public Apprehensions and Increase Innovation in the Midst of Uncertain Federal Regulations 8:435
Mitchell, John B. My Father, John Locke, and Assisted Suicide: The Real Constitutional Right 3:43
Mlsna, Lucas Stem Cell Based Treatments and Novel Considerations for Conscience Clause Legislation 8:471
Molargik-Fitch, Barbara E. Get "HIP" America: Using the "Healthy Indiana Plan" as a Model for Decreasing the Number of Uninsured Americans One State at a Time 7:57
Morris, Emily Transcript of the Live Symposium 6:385
Murray, Tammy R. State Innovation in Health Care: Congress’ Broad Spending Power Under a National Health Care System will Stifle State Laboratories of Democracy 3:263