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Sade, Robert M. Report of the Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs: Physician Pay-for-Performance Programs 3:421
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Pay for Performance: Will it Work in Theory? 3:303
Salyers, Kyle Transcript of the Live Symposium 6:385
Sanford, Sallie Thieme Teaching Health Law in Rural Ethiopia: Using a PEPFAR Partnership Framework and India’s Shanbaug Decision to Shape a Course 9:485
Sax, Joanna K. Reforming FDA Policy for Pediatric Testing: Challenges and Changes in the Wake of Studies Using Antidepressant Drugs 4:
Schenberg, Beth A. Harvesting Organs from Minors and Incompetent Adults to Supply the Nation’s Organ Drought: A Critical Review of the Substituted Judgment Doctrine and the Best Interest Standard 4:
Scherer, Rachel A. Toward a Twenty-First Century Civil Commitment Statute: A Legal, Medical, and Policy Analysis of Preventive Outpatient Treatment 4:
Schmitz, Eric Transcript of the 2008 Live Symposium Panel Discussion 5:
Scott, Charity Collaborating with the Real World: Opportunities for Developing Skills and Values in Law Teaching 9:409
Seiler, Naomi Legal and Ethical Considerations in Government Compensation Plans: A Case Study of Smallpox Immunization 1:1
Sellman, William R. An Economic Analysis of the Impact of Pay-for-Performance Initiatives on Physicians, Patients and Insurance Providers 3:349
Serak, Christopher B. State Challenges to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: The Caste for a New Federalist Jurisprudence 9:311
Sharkey, Catherine M. AALS Torts and Compensation Systems Section William L. Prosser Award Bestowed Upon Guido Calabresi 8:331
Sharkey, Catherine M. Vaccines and Drugs: A Brave New Tort World 8:259
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Speer, Kevin Transcript of the 2008 Live Symposium Panel Discussion 5:
Strange, Jennifer L. Kicking the Butt of Secondhand Smoke: Why Indiana Should Ban Smoking in Vehicles Carrying Minors 6:291
Stuart, Melissa Autism Insurance Reform: A Comparison of State Initiatives 8:497
Swider, Joel D. A Dose of Reality: Unintended Consequences of Penalizing Hospital Readmissions in the PPACA 9:361